Monday, 2023-03-06

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sadoon[m]make.conf started becoming unmanageable across all my devices so I created this
sadoon[m]Once sffs configs are finalized I'll create a repo on the libre-soc git10:38
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sadoon[m]Thanks for that heh :)12:25
lkcldo link it in the bugreport, and remember that * is EU Grant Audited.12:27
lkcli'd need to be handed control of the domain and to mirror its entire contents if it is to be used for the purposes of storing NLnet grant-funded work12:28
lkcl(big hint: please use the resource not the soulserv one)12:28
lkcl(feel free to *mirror* into your personal repository, but please, really, don't create personal off-project repos for libre-soc work)12:29
lkcllibre-soc NLnet-funded *EU Audited* work.12:30
lkcltwo of the Grants are over EUR 50,000 and have been assigned a special Auditor. we therefore need to be reaaaally careful and meticulous.12:30
sadoon[m]I'll keep my personal ones on my site, and the sffs on .libre-soc12:56
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lkclghostmansd[m], bob's back from holiday, got the signed MoU back. next stage is the RFP secret URL and we an do RFPs hoorah13:53
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, great news! Thank you for pushing this!14:06
lkclsadoon[m], i made the cavatools-sffs bugreport more about cavatools than about sffs
lkclthat's because we can't have duplicates (double-funding)14:11
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lkcl is the one that's actually about the SFFS-porting itself14:12
lkclcavatools would need to actually support ELF dynamic linking, in order to *be* able to run standard non-static-compiled binaries14:13
sadoon[m]Saw this and forgot to ask, is there any action I need to take or do I just keep doing what I'm doing?14:13
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octaviuslkcl, for the next RFC submission, I'd prioritise integer instructions over floating point (given my bias towards Red)15:49
octaviusbig int ops? You mentioned GF groups are not an option for now15:49
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KnarHi again16:09
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adihey all. we were looking to setup cavatools integration in order to test transpiled code (RTL to C). could anyone16:14
adipoint us towards any useful resources (preferably extensive docmentation) in order to use the same?16:15
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lkclprashanth, adi, hi - ok, so this is the top-level bugreport
lkclthere isn't actually any documentation on cavatools because it's written by one person (close to retirement)17:51
lkcland there isn't strictly any documentation on the python-based pseudocode-to-python translator that is going to be used as the basis for creating a pseudocode-to-c++ translator either because it is (a) quite short and (b) again written by one person under limited budget conditions17:52
lkclso with guidance on _where_ things are you very very much need to be "self-learning, self-motivating, self-teaching" (aka "auto-didact")17:53
lkcland to ask specific questions if you get stuck17:53
lkclthat said, before beginning, it *must* be done as a Libre-SOC Project, using Libre-SOC resources, and that means i need you to:17:54
lkcl(a) read the Charter and indicate if it is acceptable17:54
lkcl(b) send me an ssh public key17:54
lkcl(c) go through the on-boarding process step-by-step on the "how to help as a developer" section on the very front page of the libre-soc wiki17:55
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lkclghostmansd[m], always always always update the TOML field at *exactly* the time that you submit an RFP, and also when you receive a payment22:25
lkclit's a double-check. mistakes have been made in the past22:25

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