Tuesday, 2023-03-07

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lkclmarkos, on the NGI Search grant the deadline for filling in the SME form is 10 mar - only 3 days.11:05
lkclthe grant is critically dependent on completing that form11:06
lkcldid you get the html version of the email sent out?11:06
markosyes, I have, but in the email the deadline is 13/311:34
markosis there another deadline?11:34
markosI have already started filling out the forms11:35
markosI already have most/all of the documents in english form -thankfully we did some translations11:37
markos+recently for another reason11:37
markosentered most data but need a couple of fields to ask my accountant before I submit12:30
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markosghostmansd[m], is it hard to add svp64 forms for short form/aliases instructions in binutils? ie sv.sldi *t, *t, 16 instead of sv.rldicr *t, *t, 16, 47?16:40
markosthere is no rush, but it would make things a bit more convenient sometimes, if lkcl does not object we could add a ticket for this16:41
ghostmansd[m]No, not really. However, if I'm not mistaken, we don't have aliases in Python assembly... Or do we?16:42
ghostmansd[m]I mean, do we have these instructions in our Python code?16:42
markosI don't know, but I prefer binutils16:42
markoswhich is not to say we could not add them in python as well16:42
ghostmansd[m]From binutils perspective, these have to be standalone instructions IIRC.16:42
markosit's just a matter of convenience, I keep searching the power ISA manuals to see exactly which instruction sldi is a short form of16:43
ghostmansd[m]I'm asking because we already have some aliases for different instructions (e.g. branch-related); if I'm not mistaken, lkcl even suggested we handle these some day.16:43
markosand not only that16:43
markosok, good to know that it's in the todo list then16:44
ghostmansd[m]Ah, wait, I think I know what happens. We lack aliases in Python, therefore we don't generate these for binutils.16:45
ghostmansd[m]Could you please post an output when you try to assemble one of these? Sorry for inconvenience, typing from phone.16:45
markosjust "Error: unrecognized opcode: `*t,*t,16'"16:46
markosfor:  sv.sldi   *t, *t, 1616:46
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programmerjakei'll be a few min late for the meeting, sorry20:07

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