Sunday, 2023-04-02

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sadoon[m]mini-buildd server is crashing lol09:58
sadoon[m]Too many API requests09:58
sadoon[m]Need to look into what I can do to fix that09:59
markosincrease number of processes?10:00
markosor throttle the API requests?10:00
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lkclfor real??18:25
lkclless-than-16, less-than-8, less-than-4, wtf??18:26
lkclin a "Vector" ISA??18:26
lkclno - thank god - found the actual SVE variant. i'm counting 19 instructions when excluding spaces and comments?18:37
lkclit's still not a fair comparison, strncpy vs strcpy18:37
lkclstrncpy for SVP64 shrinks down to i think about 7? 8? from 1118:37
sadoon[m]<markos> "increase number of processes?" <- I'm worried about running OOM18:51
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sadoon[m]I assigned 80G but some builds will fill up memory fast18:55
sadoon[m]<markos> "or throttle the API requests?" <- A better option, considering doing one letter of packages at a time18:56
sadoon[m]Or adding a 60s sleep between them18:56
sadoon[m]Lastly, I need to resend my SSH and GPG keys to lkcl:  so that I can create a repo for all this work18:57
lkclsadoon[m], just ssh is fine. i can't use GPG encryption.  signing is fine (i.e. as long as the contents are cleartext readable)19:19
lkcli thought _you_ were going to sleep for 6o seconds between, for a moment19:19
sadoon[m] lkcl: right up your alley :p21:45

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