Monday, 2023-04-03

lkclyyep - the HTC Universal was what i reverse-engineered with a couple of other people, known as cr2 and ph5 on the #xanadux and #xda-developers IRC channels, 20 years ago02:12
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lkcltoshywoshy, chat mattermost doesn't look like it's up-to-date?11:20
lkcllast update march 15th?11:20
sadoon[m]Unrelated to libre-soc: if a UK university requires 2:1 grade (apparently 3.3-3.4 in American scale), is it possible they make exceptions for 3.0 or 2:2?12:29
sadoon[m]Considering doing my masters in computer engineering in the UK12:30
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lkclhonestly no idea, but it would be dumb if they didn't14:12
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sadoon[m]I'm torn between computer engineering in Nottingham (where my brother is already studying so no extra rent payment)20:23
sadoon[m]And Turkey where the whole Master's program is only 12,000$20:23
sadoon[m]Versus about 30k£ in Nottingham20:24
sadoon[m]+ the Turkey program is literally digital microchip design and verification20:24
markoswhere in Turkey would that be?20:26
markoswill the course be in english as well?20:26
markoswell, Turkey is much closer and you can't compare the weather really :)20:27
sadoon[m]BAU bahçesehir university20:27
markosyou could get 4-5 full Talos II systems with the difference in the price :)20:27
sadoon[m]Lmao true20:28
markosbut it also depends on the university20:28
sadoon[m]I can literally afford this with cash versus taking a huge loan for the UK one20:28
sadoon[m]markos: Seems like a really good one tbh20:28
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kouda_ha[m]<sadoon[m]> "Unrelated to libre-soc: if a..." <- Ask the university you are interested in, as sometimes they make exceptions. Depends on a lot of things really, if you've been working in such fields that you're wanting to study it'd make sense to let you in as you'd know enough already/etc20:28
sadoon[m]kouda_ha[m]: Yeah but I've heard from people who studied there that they make exceptions for international students because they pay more20:29
sadoon[m]It's 3 times the price vs a UK citizen20:29
markosprice is always important20:29
sadoon[m]So I'm not worrying much if that's my option20:29
sadoon[m]markos: Yep even living in Turkey is extremely cheap20:30
kouda_ha[m]A good uni you can afford and it's in a hotter country might be nicer too though lol 😅20:30
kouda_ha[m]Ouch! 3 times as much is a bit too extreme20:30
sadoon[m]My extended family owns apartments there too so it might be even cheaper than I expect20:30
markosunless you have your own oil rig and then money is of no issue, then I'd take into account every cost, eg. flights, accomodation, food, etc20:30
sadoon[m]> <> A good uni you can afford and it's in a hotter country might be nicer too though lol 😅20:31
sadoon[m]> Ouch! 3 times as much is a bit too extreme20:31
sadoon[m]Still more reasonable than Abu Dhabi, about 50k£20:31
markosapart from the tuition cost that is20:31
markosI think you've already answered your question then :)20:31
markosnot as much on heating/energy costs20:31
sadoon[m]Yeah for the most part, the only benefit going to the UK is being with my brother as well as being close to most of the libre-soc team20:32
markosUK was hit really hard the past winter in this regard20:32
kouda_ha[m]With free/cheap rent, cheaper tuition and nice weather I'd probably chose Turkey, is it a good university too? I think all universities are good but there's some people take the name of the uni to mean something like "I went Harvard/Oxford" meaning you're fancy and smart lol20:33
markosit will be cheaper for you to travel every month to visit your brother and libresoc team, on business class even20:33
sadoon[m]markos: Lmao20:33
sadoon[m]kouda_ha[m]: As long as our Ministry of Higher Education is ok with the uni it's fine, both are accredited20:33
markoskouda_ha[m], I guess there *are* some universities that really stand out, but these are even more expensive20:34
markoswe're also looking to the UK for my son's studies next year, and it's about £30k as well20:34
markosI don't think we're going to choose that route, unless they're is some kind of scholarship20:35
sadoon[m]Yeah probably better20:35
markosmy brother did his Bsc and PhD in Kent, but that was 30y ago and prices then were much much more manageable20:36
kouda_ha[m]markos: What does your son want to study? If it's games dev Man Met is awesome for it20:36
markosmusic :)20:36
markosthough he's good with coding, so I don't think he's made up his mind yet entirely20:37
markosMan Met?20:37
kouda_ha[m]Manchester Metropolitan20:37
markoshe loves games that's for sure20:37
markosthanks, I'll check that20:37
markosI used to teach them coding with CodeKingdoms, CodeCombat and some Unity 3d to get them understand how games are made20:38
kouda_ha[m]I'm finishing up my computer games technology atm, the tutors like Matthew Crossley do really interesting courses like 'Game-a-week', you end up with 7+ rapid prototypes to place into your portfolio etc, I love it20:38
markosgames development is one thing I haven't done so far20:38
markosand it's the one thing I started coding in the first place20:38
markosafter 30y I still haven't coded a single decent game :D20:39
markoslack of time is a reason20:39
markosI even have an idea for a game clone I played on my Amiga when I was a kid20:39
kouda_ha[m]Depending on languages you prefer there's a lot of games engines, if you like LUA for example TIC80's fantasy console is good! Unity c#, Unreal C++, Godot etc too20:40
markosthat's the problem, there is too much choice20:41
markosI like Unity, did some simple projects in the past20:41
markosGodot is also nice and open source20:41
markosUnreal feels like a cannon in my case, I'm perfectly fine with C++, but it seems too overcomplicated for what I'd like to do -assuming I would even find the time to do it20:42
markosthen again, I'm weird in that I want to do all development on Linux20:42
markosI couldn't care less about Windows, if it works fine, if not also fine, I wouldn't want to make a game for money, but for the fun of it20:42
kouda_ha[m]My dissertation project is in Unity, it's what Man Met use the most in games dev courses... it does have an option for Linux builds in there too20:43
markosoh indeed20:43
markosthat's nice to know20:43
markosI've bought a ton of udemy courses for Unity in the hope that some point in the future I'll find some time to do them20:43
markosso far only my son has completed a couple :D20:43
markoswhich is not that bad actually20:44
kouda_ha[m]oh... just opened a project to see the options and it's auto builds Windows, Mac and Linux as one option20:44
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kouda_ha[m]I remember them being separate options so it's good it's just auto all of them lol20:44
markosyes, it works fine on most simple(r) projects because underneath there is Mono which is essentially a runtime vm for C#20:44
markosand if you buy the extra license you can export for Nintendo, Xbox, PS, etc20:45
markosit's pretty neat actually20:45
kouda_ha[m]if you ever need help with Unity though, you can always ask me. If I don't know then I'm at least in a few Discord servers with others who know a hell of a lot and they'd likely have resources or answers lol20:45
markosthanks, my problem is lack of time, I'm currently juggling through so many projects I can't really think of starting another one but it's nice to dream :)20:48
markosthe truth is, it's far more likely that I will end up optimizing 3d math routines for SVP64 for a game engine (godot?) than actually using the engine to write a game :D20:49
programmerjakewell, if you don't mind programming in lua and debugging all the type mismatch issues, you could try writing a game in's foss and cross-platform20:53
programmerjakeGlitch is imho a good example of what you can do in a week if you are familiar with minetest:
kouda_ha[m]Were you the guy with the stand that had this Minecraft looking maze solver challenge in FOSDEM 2023? Because there was a stall with a maze solver thing and it looked like Minecraft but was an open source version or something20:55
programmerjakeyes, i wrote that, but no i wasn't at fosdem20:55
programmerjakeit's a very simplified version for embedded systems20:56
kouda_ha[m]That's really cool, I had no idea what was going on but my  partner was like "MAZES!" because she's really into making maze generators and just sat down like "my turn" on the guy's challenge lol20:58
programmerjakeif you want a more complex minecraft clone for windows/linux, you can try:
programmerjakeah, it's just a static maze -- no space for anything more complex20:59
programmerjakei am rewriting voxels in rust, when i get more time -- the latest C++ version has some multithreading bugs so occasionally segfaults. the rewritten version will be networked and have wasm plugins for all game content and it'll be basee on a 3d version of hashlife so can hopefully run world simulations really fast, orders of magnitude faster than all other minecraft clones21:02
programmerjakehashlife is a really neat algorithm:
kouda_ha[m]I'll have to check it out, or at minimum show Robin so she can, thanks 🤩21:06
programmerjakethe 3d maze game source:
programmerjakethough iirc tplaten did some additional work on the version used for fosdem21:22
programmerjakei originally wrote the maze game for a class final project that i went overboard on:
programmerjakethey asked us to build a fsm multiplier, i built a rv32i cpu and game21:24
kouda_ha[m]I like going overboard on some class projects lol21:25
kouda_ha[m]I hope your pull request is merged, it looks good21:26
sadoon[m]<programmerjake> "they asked us to build a fsm..." <- That's awesome22:44

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