Saturday, 2023-04-08

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sadoon[m]I think I have finally gotten to a point where mini-buildd is stable, still using ppc64 and ppc as a test playground though08:55
sadoon[m]Unfortunately having one VM doesn't work, you need a client which can save your password using python-keyring and for the life of me I couldn't get that working without a full desktop environment08:57
sadoon[m]I could technically install a DE in the mini-buildd server but that seems unnecessary08:58
sadoon[m]If this reaches letter c without errors I'll start sffs08:58
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lkclsadoon[m], hoorah!09:15
lkclask on #debian-ports channel about the python-keyring issue. hard-requirement of a desktop is exactly the sort of thing that should never occur09:18
lkclis that down into gpg?09:18
lkclbecause if so there's gpg-agent09:19
lkclwhich python-keyring *should* only be asking (via gpg) a "desktop" precisely and only because gpg-agent cannot be found (because you didn't activate it)09:19
lkclthat's activated via an environment-variable09:20
lkclwhich in turn of course has to be defined09:20
lkcland if it's _not_ defined (pointing to the gpg-agent socket) then of _course_ python-keyring will go "oh, i couldn't find the env-var, so no idea where to look for gpg-agent socket"09:20
lkclapparently you can run pinentry-curses09:23
lkcllooks like the *only reason* you have to install a f***-load of completely unnecessary packages (thousands, for a full entire desktop environment) is because *by default* in amongst those thousands of packages, pinentry-gtk2 happens to get installed09:24
sadoon[m]There's probably a way but I can't be bothered tbh, I just want to get this building now and deal with it later09:32
sadoon[m]Because spending time on this would waste time actually building the port09:32
* lkcl snorts09:35
lkclping toshywoshy mattermost still not active10:08
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toshywoshylkcl: opf mattermost is running, so is the bridge10:15
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openpowerbot_[mattermost] <toshywoshy> testing testing testing10:24
toshywoshyok, I see the problem now, monitoring seems to show all green, but messages aren't being relayed even though everything was running10:25
toshywoshythe brigde process was running without any errors, but not relaying messages, should be solved now10:25
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sadoon[m]Once again why I am not starting sffs yet :')15:27
sadoon[m]I added the 10s delay and it still manages to overload the server sometimes15:27
sadoon[m]So I added a while loop that repeats if the command results in an error, and breaks otherwise15:27
sadoon[m]Ah and I can see it's already paying off, works wonderfully15:30
openpowerbot_[mattermost] <lkcl> toshywoshy: yes works great now, awesome16:22
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lkclthat's the one20:21
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