Thursday, 2023-04-20

lkclprogrammerjake, do remember to update fields.txt. MMM-Form looks good04:21
lkclon (and all new bugs)04:24
lkclplease please always always put at least one "see also" or "depends" or "blocks"04:24
lkclin this case search "XLEN" and put pretty-much-everything-related onto that one04:24
lkclotherwise the bugs get hopelessly lost04:25
lkcl6 months or greater go by before they're encountered by accident04:25
programmerjakei did, 106104:25
programmerjakeso, do the xlen changes look good, can i push it to master?04:29
programmerjakeapparently not, ci failed04:42
programmerjakefun...XLCASTU is broken:04:48
programmerjake    def XLCASTU(self, value):04:48
programmerjake        # SelectableInt already takes care of masking out the bits04:48
programmerjake>       return SelectableInt(value.value, self.XLEN)04:48
programmerjakeE       AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'value'04:48
programmerjakeok, fixed it:;a=commitdiff;h=edabfe28a532036bc83b1661f45fa5b850a4acab;hp=75d9fc62dc34efeba2b395564bd1579ed29a0c1405:05
programmerjakelkcl: does that look good?05:05
lkclmmm i prefer not changing function names, introducing new concepts of "casting" is a bad idea05:59
lkclstick with EXTZ as that is understood05:59
programmerjakeI didn't change them, I just used the existing functions we already have...05:59
lkclthose functions do not exist in Power ISA v3.105:59
lkclthe functions named "CAST" should not have been added with those names06:00
lkclthey need to be renamed EXTZxxx and EXTSxxx06:00
lkclbecause the concept of "casting" is foreign/unknown to the Power ISA document06:00
lkclwhereas sign-extending and zero-extending are long-established06:00
programmerjakeyeah, I originally tried to use EXTZXL, but it didn't exist06:01
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