Tuesday, 2023-04-25

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sadoon[m]In GMT+4 this week, might not stay long in the meeting tonight :)05:45
sadoon[m]How's everyone doing05:46
programmerjakedoing well! you visiting the UAE?05:48
sadoon[m]Yes, for some time off and an uninteresting conference to add to my resume :p06:03
programmerjakewell, have fun!06:03
sadoon[m]Thanks :D06:04
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markosthey're fucking idiots12:25
markosif there ever was even a remote possibility of me turning to Rust as a new language to learn, this has just gone to zero12:27
markosI'll stick to C/C++12:27
lkclbryan lunduke is great. he totally gets absurdity and is happy to point it out13:48
lkclhe did however miss that Trademark Licenses have to be (F)AIR (R)EASONABLE (A)nd (N)on-(D)ISCRIMINATORY14:15
lkclit should be blindingly-obvious to anyone with half a brain that the license is blatantly unreasonable14:16
lkcland by making themselves "God" for what *political* affiliations may be associated with it they are setting themselves up for a lawsuit14:17
lkclunder potential "Discrimination" by allowing certain people with political or other affiliations the "right" to use the trademark, but not others14:21
lkclas usual with anything to do with the Mozilla Foundation they're out of their goddamn minds. again.14:22
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markosit is actually quite surprising16:18
markosall thing considered, Rust was doing quite well as a language16:18
markosI mean it wouldn't be unreasonable to consider it becoming an actual alternative to C/C++ in the next 5 years, even for production use16:18
markosthey didn't need to do anything like that16:19
markosinstead they go and fuck it up for no apparent reason16:19
programmerjakeapparently that was intended as more of an initial review draft rather than a basically finished policy, so I expect the policy to drastically change17:16
programmerjakesee: https://foundation.rust-lang.org/news/rust-trademark-policy-draft-revision-next-steps/17:24
openpowerbot_[irc] <bee[m]> Wow Rust Foundation is pushing politics hard in those quotes by lunduke. Feels a lot like Mozilla too. But the push of politics into software/hardware engineering spans well beyond Mozilla tbh. e.g. golang.org and pkg.go.dev had huge banners pushing exactly the same narratives. I'm quite surprised they got eventually removed.17:54
programmerjakethat's because they took the policy they inherited from mozilla, slightly modified it and published it as a first draft but forgot to state that so everyone understood it to be nearly final18:01
markosslopy at best18:41
markosthey managed to get the world enraged for no good reason18:41
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octaviusI'll be 15 min late for the meeting today19:38
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