Friday, 2023-06-02

programmerjakepypi i mean00:00
lkclnice idea. it's certainly a valuable solution00:00
lkclhave a look under the active top-level bugs for a location with spare budget00:03
programmerjakeseems like eur 200-400 from #775 should be good, shall I allocate that?00:10
programmerjakei expect it to take a day, 2 days at most00:10
programmerjakecan you create a pytest-output-to-files.git repo?00:11
lkclah don't make it that small, just take the lot00:12
lkcl(we've been asked not to do small payments)00:13
lkclahhh i found two versions of xdist and pytest that work together00:16
programmerjakeuuh, I'm using pytest 7.1.2 and pytest-xdist 2.5.000:18
lkcldebian/10 has 3.10, yes?00:18
programmerjakeci is using pytest_xdist-3.3.1 and pytest-7.3.100:19
programmerjakeso, I'll just depend on pytest >=3,<800:20
lkclanything other than the exact versions used by the devscripts is out, jacob, you know that00:20
programmerjakewell, last I checked the devscripts didn't install pytest00:21
programmerjake(which may have changed since then)00:21
lkclthat's a problem that needs correcting.00:21
programmerjakein any case, if we're publishing on pypi we should support the latest pytest as well00:21
lkcland intriguingly the amount of memory used is staying really low00:22
programmerjakerunning with SILENCELOG?00:22
lkclit's not horrendous in other words.  7 GB so far00:22
programmerjakethe memory used slowly accumulates since it's 99% output logs00:24
lkclstill only 7.5 GB00:24
programmerjakecan you make the git repo while you're waiting?00:25
lkcloh duh :)00:26
lkclsorry am half-asleep :)00:26
lkcl64 utf-8 tests is where it's going slightly mental00:28
lkclwas at 7.9 GB, it jumped to 11.900:28
lkcl12.4 Gb and i think it's on the last test (only one process @ 100%)00:30
lkcltaking ages00:33
lkcl(and allocated to the same process)00:33
lkclall others @ 0%00:33
programmerjakewell, just think ... the speed limit is likely writing log entries to the output00:33
programmerjakeI remember it going >2x faster when SILENCELOG is enabled00:34
lkclonly one process is left running at the moment00:34
lkclall others are idle00:34
lkcl12.6 gb00:35
lkclexcellent.  12.6 gb using pytest=3.2.5 and xdist=1.1300:35
programmerjakesounds terrible, ci uses 3.6GB iirc00:36
lkcltry it with full logs00:39
lkclactually, more sensibly: don't :)  it's likely to risk thrashing00:41
programmerjakedon't which?00:41
lkcldon't run with full logs00:42
lkcleee getting too late.00:42
programmerjakeSILENCELOG to the rescue00:42
programmerjakecan you set the git repo to public?00:49
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lkcler... oh yes, forgot to do the symlink09:50
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programmerjakefound an interesting article for anyone trying to measure algorithm speed differences:
lkclohh sigh yes quite an interesting problem12:46
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