Monday, 2023-06-05

sadoon[m]1The tyan server is here :D06:28
sadoon[m]1Apparently has no SAS card to connect the hard drives though06:28
sadoon[m]1and all the ones I have are mini SAS and this looks different, probably regular SAS06:28
sadoon[m]1What's sad is due to irl me being busy I can't set it up just yet, and we have elections tomorrow06:29
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ghostmansdsrc/openpower/decoder/isa/ fails on 7d8c8cb54774392e018fbd48840ba76c09b1a6af. If I do (git checkout 7d8c8cb54774392e018fbd48840ba76c09b1a6af~1), it works...09:22
programmerjakemaddsubrs failing is expected, i added a new test demonstrating how the current pseudocode is incorrect09:23
programmerjakei'm leaving it up to markos to fix the pseudocode since he wanted to learn09:24
ghostmansdah OK, I'll check other tests too later10:01
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ghostmansdI think I found it, pushed a fix which should stabilize at least some tests10:12
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ghostmansdOK, much better:
ghostmansdlkcl, the recently added rldimi tests fail. Is it expected?11:24
ghostmansdThank you for spotting this!11:29
markos_programmerjake, just updated the source, ran make develop to install the updates, the maddsubrs test gives me a "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ''"11:34
markos_it didn't do that before, do I have to do something to update the project?11:35
programmerjakehmm, try running make? that module should be there though, did you run develop?11:51
programmerjakefor running make, i just use `make` with no target11:53
programmerjakesince it's 4am, luke or someone else can answer your questions, i'm going to sleep now11:54
programmerjakei know it works correctly in ci at least...11:55
programmerjakesee the link ghostmansd just posted11:55
ghostmansdmarkos, refer to this commit: a567c39b4f55ec8d414fbc93aebe9af3c673390212:11
ghostmansdmarkos_ ^12:11
ghostmansdthe files got moved a bit so that all functionality resides in one place12:12
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markos_ghostmansd[m], that was it, thanks12:33
markos_turns out git pull wasn't done properly and I had unstaged changes so it still had the old path12:34
markos_false alarm12:34
markos_did something else change running the tests?12:37
markos_I used to just call python3 MADDSUBRSTestCase12:38
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markos_sigh, never mind19:12
markos_was calling the wrong test, programmerjake I am running the test and see the problem19:18
markos_so, with w=16 we would be running into the same problem as with the arm butterfly instructions19:24
markos_so indeed we need to increase the size of the intermediate calcualtions19:24
markos_the problem I was running initially was with negative values19:24
markos_with positive values I was able to make it work19:25
markos_but with negative, and XLEN=64 the multiplication was not sign-extending to the larger product19:25
markos_I'll give it a shot again with this test case, if I cannot make it work in the next days, I'll ask for help :)19:27
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sadoon[m]1markos_: did your tyan server come with no SAS cards?22:56
markos_I have a couple here though so not a biggie22:59
markos_I did order a couple of cheap adaptec ones a while ago22:59
markos_~90eur each22:59
markos_these ones:
markos_still haven't installed them though23:00
markos_need to find some free time to open up the case and find silent fan replacements23:01
markos_it's impossible to stay in the same room with the server23:01
markos_on that is23:01
sadoon[m]1Well I can use the rear two SATA ports for now until I either get a mini-SAS to SAS or buy a SAS card23:21
sadoon[m]1Much bigger problem though: it boots but doesn't show anything on the VGA output23:21
sadoon[m]1No fault light either23:23
sadoon[m]1Ah that explains it, 1866MHz memory.. Ugh23:30
sadoon[m]1The manual says to use 1333MHz23:30
sadoon[m]1But then it should give a fault light I assume..23:32
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