Sunday, 2023-06-04

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lkclghostmansd[m], moornin(ish). just so you know, i have difficulty expressing my understanding and use of visitor-walkers, it's highly subconscious and also more "experiment-by-actually-doing"14:35
ghostmansd[m]Hi Luke14:58
ghostmansd[m]My understanding of visitors is close to "wtf are visitors"14:58
ghostmansd[m]So you're already several steps ahead14:58
ghostmansd[m]On arguments again. db.*Visitor is not intended to be reused, that's just concrete implementations of visiting pattern for some shitty CLI script.14:59
ghostmansd[m]So basically they can do whatever they want :-)15:00
ghostmansd[m]The way I imagined it that folks just inherit core.Visitor and do whatever they want.15:08
ghostmansd[m]But basically what you've described actually makes me think I did it correctly. Because I indeed created a set of new classes which grab the arguments and have some special logic around these arguments.15:11
ghostmansd[m]The only problem is that extra() manager doesn't have record instance, so I either have to keep it on my own or pass it via arguments into the core methods (visit).15:11
lkcl>  "wtf are visitors"15:35
lkclunfortunately i've only ever developed one Visitor-walker API myself, and yes i made the mistake of tying the API directly to the format of the data15:36
lkcl> folks just inherit core.Visitor15:36
lkclah no.15:36
lkclthat way lies madness, because it begins to try to be "all things to all uses"15:37
lkclVisitor APIs (and their use) is very much a strict "Model - View - Controller" pattern15:38
lkclwhere the Visitor ties all those three together15:38
lkclwhere the *Visitor-walker* ties all those three together15:39
lkclthe API needs to be *implicit*, i.e. if thinking of using ABCMeta as a Base class, that's the literal polar opposite of what's needed.15:50
lkclnow, when we *create* some Visitors15:51
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lkclthat's an entirely different matter15:51
lkclwhat we will find is (as you're already encountering), most of the Visitors pretty much need to do exactly the same kind of thing15:51
lkcltherefore it *looks* like the Visitor class *must* be inherited: a "true" Visitor-walker is however completely abstracted from the data it walks.15:52
lkclwhich is why i was recommending pyomo's visitor-walker code because it has matured (and is, for the most part, abstracted-out)15:53
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ghostmansd[m]> most of the Visitors pretty much need to do exactly the same kind of thing16:26
ghostmansd[m]Yes exactly. That's where I cannot manage to tie Jacob's suggestion with context manager!16:26
ghostmansd[m]Because basically the traversing is the same, it's only just we might want to skip some nodes or handle them specifically.16:27
ghostmansd[m]So I think that the main idea from http.parser and pyomo is OK: have separate methods for before/on/after but let the caller handle the logic.16:28
ghostmansd[m]Sorry, almost all day from the phone, so it's difficult to type or read long passages.16:33
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lkclyes, the pyomo visitor-api handles that by returning "None" if it should not be modified17:17
lkcl 140      data = acceptChildResult(self, node, data, child_result, child_idx):17:17
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programmerjakesomething in the link below broke ci (>= 10 failed tests):22:59
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