Wednesday, 2023-06-14

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sadoon[m]1<programmerjake> "latest and greatest side-channel..." <- > <> latest and greatest side-channel: power leds and rolling shutter01:21
sadoon[m]1Oh boy..01:21
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programmerjakeluke: I found out why creating a power decoder is really slow: there's a stray gc.collect() call in there! commenting that out made it go several times faster06:00
programmerjakeghostmansd: SVP64Instruction.Prefix is really slow to construct, so I had to add a cached instance. it'd be nice if it were faster and didn't need to duplicate the whole field hierarchy each time you construct an instance.07:14
programmerjakeI used py-spy with speedscope to profile running tests, which worked out nicely, once I installed libunwind-dev07:17
programmerjakeci went from 52min to 35min thanks to the optimizations i did08:07
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markos_lkcl, just got the loongson board11:28
markos_missing a case and PSU though, so will have to wait to get it powered on11:29
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lkclmarkos_, awesome!14:34
lkclprogrammerjake, fantastic!14:34
lkcllet me see how long it takes here, i'll time all tests in decoder/isa14:35
lkclhmm my laptop's in "powersave" mode so all cores are limited to 1.5 ghz if using parallel pytest14:37
* lkcl facepalm14:39
markos_some people misread what "eating your own dogfood" really means14:39
lkclwell it's supposed to be "fit for human consumption"14:40
lkcla fact that turned out to be really important when an Indian Restaurant in London was raided in the 1980s...14:40
programmerjakewell, training against an AI *does* work in GANs, where one neural net is producing increasingly realistic fakes and the other neural net is getting increasingly good at distinguishing the fakes from the real thing:
markos_But there is a clear separation of the roles in this case, one is trained with real data only -to generate the fakes- and the other is trained on both -to distinguish14:49
markos_the problem is when you don't know if it's a fake14:49
markos_which is the case argued in the slashdot post14:49
markos_what if you have eg. midjourney trained on its own data at one point, the results will be insane14:50
markos_they're already insanely looking images14:50
markos_but then they will make absolutely no sense at all14:50
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lkclthe difference between fake-detection and training-on-training is that the fake-detection is *not* just on training-on-training, it is training on the *difference* between real and fake14:57
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lkclreal    22m29.469s15:46
lkclthat's at 1.5 ghz with 8 processes15:46
lkclso... 7 minutes @ 4.8 ghz...15:46
lkcli remember it being more like 12-15 so that's damn good programmerjake15:47
programmerjakei expect it doesn't scale with frequency 1:115:47
programmerjakethough otoh it will likely go faster if it uses 16 threads on your 8 core laptop15:49
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lkcli can't risk it overheating, otherwise i would15:54
lkclcurrently 25C and that's hot enough15:54
programmerjakeintel cpus are generally designed to be able to run at like 90C normally, and hotter when thermal throttling15:56
programmerjakethough laptops with poor cooling may be limited by max case temperature instead15:58
markos_25C? that's not hot :)16:05
markos_that's the definition of cool :)16:05
markos_my 11th gen i5 laptop is currently at 50C and I find that acceptable given the load16:07
markos_unless this measurement is reporting something else and not the cpu16:12
markos_check lm-sensors package16:12
markos_but tbh, this does not look a normal temperature of an intel cpu under load, unless your laptop is really special16:13
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ghostmansd[m]programmerjake, nice catch! Thank you!17:39
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ghostmansd[m]I think this should be hidden somewhere in Field class. I'll take a look at it later.17:53
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lkclmarkos_, ahh21:06
lkclPackage id 0:  +57.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)  ALARM (CRIT)21:06
lkclCore 0:        +57.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)  ALARM (CRIT)21:06
markos_yeah, 25C looked suspiciously low21:10
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