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lkclghostmansd[m], lots to go over - i'm still very busy keeping my guest occupied, so i can only be brief, apologies00:21
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programmerjakeas mentioned in I want to remove Rc=1 from fmvfg since it's unnecessary since fp Rc=1 sets CR1 to some FPSCR bits, yet fmvfg doesn't modify FPSCR at all. lkcl and others, what do you think?04:29
ghostmansd[m]Hi Luke, looks like there's a confusion in 1094. In the last implementation I posted there's no need to even invent Node class, paths kinda form node along with the element. Let's wait till next week then when you have some time.06:49
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lkclprogrammerjake, what's it going to look like in the spec?10:11
lkclRc=1 tests FRT and sets CR1, exactly like all other Scalar Floating-Point operations.10:12
programmerjakeprobably either XO extended to include bit 31 or bit 31 just being ignored10:13
lkclwhat does VSX int-to-FP do? that's the behaviour to copy (exactly)10:13
lkcl6.10.3 somewhere...10:14
programmerjakethe vsx equivalent is mtvsrd10:15
programmerjakeit has no Rc field10:15
programmerjakesection 3.3.1810:15
programmerjakenote fmvfg is just copying bits, it is not a int <-> fp conversion10:16
lkclVector Convert with round to nearest From10:16
lkclSigned Word to floating-point format VX-form10:16
lkclvcfsx         VRT,VRB,UIM10:16
programmerjakevcfsx is not the right one10:17
lkclokaay yes bit-move? then definitely not10:17
lkclgood catch10:17
programmerjakefmvtg can have Rc since that's based on RT which is useful10:18
programmerjakefmvfg, not so much10:18
lkclthere is a *really* good reason why not to do anything and it's because in an OoO system with unified (tagged) in-flight Reservation Stations the entire operation can be elided as a simple "change the tag"10:18
lkcllet me just edit the spec...10:19
programmerjakeyes, that's what the Rc=0 version can be10:19
programmerjakeactually, i'll edit the spec tomorrow (probably)10:19
lkclyes please10:20
programmerjakeRc=1 is still useful, since it lets you know if it's +0 and for f64 if the sign bit is set10:20
lkclcan you put "equivalent to mtvsrd" in the spec page as a cross-reference?10:21
lkclok i gotta get back to my guest10:21
programmerjakesince +0 == 0 and sign bit set maps to negative integers10:21
programmerjakek, have fun! though please look at the email about grants since i need more money soon10:22
programmerjakeadded that equivalence note as a todo in as well as updating a few other todos10:27
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lkclghostmansd, ahhh   line 22:     @core.hook(object)15:29
lkclfrickin awesome.  of course object is the base class of everything.15:29
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ghostmansdlkcl, ah, you checked it :-)18:34
ghostmansdyeah, the fact that it goes in class MRO all way down to object is awesome18:34
ghostmansdand the default handler is... object!18:34
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lkclit is quite mad how much effort goes into something so.... so... stupidly short amount of code23:27
ghostmansd[m]Yeah, I hope at least the benefits will justify it23:42
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