Tuesday, 2023-06-20

ghostmansd[m]I think I know the way to handle path differences so that we could have a correct representation for any given path component and at the same time keep it unchanged (that is, have it exactly the same as it was in collection). But too tired to handle it, will check tomorrow.00:41
lkclghostmansd[m], you use virtualbox, controlled by Oracle?!?! moo? :)00:53
lkclghostmansd[m], i don't quite follow "expected usage model", can you elaborate?00:54
lkcl> to handle path differences00:55
lkclexccellent looking forward to continuing this endless rabbit-hole of technical brilliance :)00:55
lkclbut seriously: a sound basis here will make one hell of a big difference later00:57
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markos_guys, this is going around in circles, pick a solution and if there are problems fix them later, this thread has 220 responses already07:31
markos_it's rabbit-hole alright, but it's not brilliant anymore07:31
markos_you are nitpicking minute details07:31
markos_even if you design the perfect algorithm unless you try it in practice you cannot know all of its shortcomings07:33
markos_why do I get in the discussion? because I feel that everything else has fallen aside right now07:33
markos_imho, there is no such thing as a 'perfect' algorithm07:34
markos_anyway, my 2c, I'm not going to add more to this discussion, I'd like to see some progress in something else as well07:35
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lkclmarkos_, appreciated. yes we effectively started the process again but in a new repo, learning from the previous effort.10:23
lkclin the "always plan to do 3 revisions because if you don't you'll end up doing 3 anyway" dev-guide, we are effectively at "revision 2"10:24
lkcl(remarkably quickly)10:24
lkcltoshywoshy, thx - mattermost working again.10:25
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ghostmansd[m]markos, if you're talking about 1094, I don't plan to stop until we hit 1000 comments! :-)17:20
ghostmansd[m]I already ordered a bottle of whiskey which I'll open to celebrate that 1000th comment17:21
ghostmansd[m]And it's damn difficult to buy a good whiskey since last year: we'd better rush so that if it's good I can still buy another one before it goes out of sight completely17:22
ghostmansd[m](obviously that's sarcasm few lines above)17:23
ghostmansd[m](except for the last line, a good whiskey in Russia now really appears rarer)17:24
markos_I hope bugzilla has enough disk space/ram for all those comments :)17:43
markos_the bugzilla system I mean17:43
sadoon[m]My server dilemma might finally be solved :D17:58
sadoon[m]Found two honeywell standard ATX servers with really old hardware but can easily be replaced with literally any motherboard17:59
sadoon[m]And a dell poweredge with Haswell/Broadwell17:59
sadoon[m]All for 1000$, not bad17:59
sadoon[m]Only issue now is the Tyan for which I ordered one stick of RAM that's on the manufacturer AVL list, I hope my unit is not busted.17:59
sadoon[m]Might be able to move my Talos and Xeon workstations to 2U rack mounts which would be fun18:02
sadoon[m]Anyways once that clears up I can start getting back to the debian port, sorry it took so long, it's been hectic.18:03
ghostmansd[m]> I hope bugzilla has enough disk space/ram for all those comments :)18:37
ghostmansd[m]markos, one of my colleagues used to say there's no issue which cannot be solved via buying more RAM and disk space :-)18:39
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markos_guys, meeting?20:08
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ghostmansdIs it just my provider, or 1094 already loads slowly?...20:39
programmerjakewell, for me, any page loads slowly since there's at least a few hundred ms latency20:44
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