Monday, 2023-06-26

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lkclsadoon[m], you were right - gcc's gone "woke"
lkcl - "In addition, violations of this code outside these spaces may affect a person's ability to participate within them."02:34
lkcllxo: ^02:35
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sadoon-templkcl I don't see any changes from their previous CoC a few days ago, what's the woke part?10:09
sadoon-tempI wouldn't be surprised but I still don't see anything as outrageous as the other projects, and they still respect political beliefs10:10
sadoon-tempOr claim to at least10:10
sadoon-tempAnyways after reverting to the older firmware, and after disabling SMT cores manually, and after setting numerous settings in libvirt, the VM starts, tries to load the kernel, and then crashes the whole server10:12
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sadoon-tempSuccessfully ran a VM after setting specifically which CPU cores it can run on, currently on one core so.. not good, let's see11:24
sadoon-tempRunning more than one core also crashed the system..11:25
sadoon-tempWorkaround: running pseries <3.x will work with multiple cores. Idk if there are any security implications though..12:04
sadoon-tempSupposedly a PNOR update should fix all these problems, but a PNOR update caused the system to absolutely go crazy so I rolled back. Tyan obviously has no idea how to make POWER servers.12:07
sadoon-tempApparently on P8 if you turn off SMT and instruct KVM to use the offline cores, it will. They seem offline to the system but KVM does use them I guess12:08
sadoon-tempSo it's not all lost12:08
sadoon-tempI can see why Raptor never did a P8 workstation/server, it's a mess12:09
sadoon-tempOn P9 everything "just works", even when using 4K pages you only need a small change in settings to support both 4K and 64K guests12:09
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sadoon-tempEven with the workaround, guests can only start with two cores maximum..12:44
* sadoon-temp starts looking into LXC (yuck)12:57
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markos_sadoon-temp, how/did you solve the fan noise problem?13:07
sadoon-tempI did and didn't13:07
markos_lxc might be a solution there with p8, it's not ideal but it's better than nothing13:07
sadoon-tempRemember those honeywell DIY ATX servers I showed last week?13:07
markos_sort of yes13:07
sadoon-tempI installed those fans here instead13:07
sadoon-tempIt's quieter but not quiet at all13:07
sadoon-tempYour best bet is noctua fans I guess13:08
sadoon-tempIt's really a shame, so much powerful hardware wasted by shitty firmware :(13:08
sadoon-tempI mean man 80 threads is a LOT13:08
markos_yeah, I will be looking into this server myself starting next week13:09
sadoon-tempIf you plan to use it as a bare metal with no VMs, you'll have 0 issues except needing to replace the fans and that reboots will likely need a force reset which can be done through IPMI13:09
sadoon-tempRemind me to send you the model of RAM that worked with me also, so you don't have to deal with that xD13:10
sadoon-tempAlso with no SAS cards you can still use the mezzanine slot in the back for two SATA drives which is very cool13:11
markos_I have a SAS card to spare13:18
markos_I have some ram that I got for a very good price (256GB!)13:18
markos_I hope it works13:18
sadoon-tempBtw you need full SAS not mini SAS13:21
sadoon-tempThere are converters but in my infinite wisdom I ordered 3 that are too short13:21
sadoon-tempI have a bunch of LSI SAS cards lying around, but they're all mini SAS heh13:22
markos_I have this card:
markos_bought a couple13:22
sadoon-tempI can't tell from the angle if it's mini SAS or SAS but looks good13:23
sadoon-tempEspecially that it has 4 SAS ports, you need 3 at least for this server13:23
sadoon-tempIf you get a lot of error messages when booting linux it could be the SAS card so try to boot without it first.13:23
sadoon-tempI have one that refuses to work on POWER systems13:24
markos_ok, I'll let you know how it works, but next week :)13:24
sadoon-tempHopefully by then my matrix server will be up, DM me if you'd like so we don't spam this channel heh13:25
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markos_I don't use matrix (yet) :)13:57
sadoon[m]Matrix running ,whooo14:02
sadoon[m]<markos_> "I don't use matrix (yet) :)" <- You can dm via irc and it should bridge fine14:03
sadoon[m]Migrating kvm to lxc was relatively painless, I do need to set some extra security stuff to keep them properly isolated at least of course.14:17
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lkclsadoon[m], they're enforcing their Code of Conductment onto people... *OUTSIDE* of the actual project.15:38
lkclin other words: if you are subjected to harassment or abuse in another project, and gcc hears about it and shuts you out, that's Defamation and the gcc project can be sued.15:39
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sadoon[m]<lkcl> "sadoon, they're enforcing..." <- I didn't see that part, that's crazy16:48
sadoon[m]Ah, this must be what you're referring to16:53
sadoon[m]> In addition, violations of this code outside these spaces may affect a person's ability to participate within them.16:53
sadoon[m]If they removed that line it would be a reasonable CoC but this in itself makes it crazy16:53
sadoon[m]Political extremists on the internet left and right call for unspeakable things against the other side, it just takes a search result in someone's old (or even new) postings to take those people down.16:55
sadoon[m]People don't care if you've changed your views on a matter, they'll just attack you and hunt you down16:56
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lkcland as Dr Stallman's attacks showed it doesn't actually need any actual evidence to make it "look" like someone is "bad" - just a string of well-coordinated strikes in just the right place, and hysteria takes over19:47
lkcl(that was studied in the UK back in the 80s, when a few people routinely and systematicall caused entire football stadiums to riot)19:48
tplatenI remember something different from libreboot, but that has stopped now. At that time I decided to move to openpower.19:53
tplatenit stopped after Alyssa Rosenzweig joined the project. she later contributed the GPU driver for Asahi Linux.19:57
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ghostmansd[m]> Dr Stallman's attacks21:38
ghostmansd[m]Well, we certainly see these attacks affect other areas besides SW21:39
ghostmansd[m]It was only a matter of time to find some damn "celebrity" amongst developers21:39
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