Sunday, 2023-06-25

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sadoon[m]Finally, the Tyan is running :D09:40
sadoon[m]So I used two Hynix PC3L 12800 16GB sticks for now, couldn't find the same ones in two pairs10:25
sadoon[m]Should be more than enough for my needs10:26
sadoon[m]<ghostmansd[m]> "Good news" <- Hope it lasts, war isn't good for anyone10:26
sadoon[m]I mean the good news ofc10:26
sadoon[m]sadoon[m]: They weren't cheap at the equivalent of 110£ I'd pay more to not wait for an eBay or Amazon shipment ugh10:28
sadoon[m]That was after haggling heh10:28
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sadoon[m]My matrix server will be offline for a while as I migrate, talk to you guys on the other side :D10:54
sadoon[m]markos_  I'll share with you all my experiences after I'm done10:54
lkclsadoon[m], hooraay!11:27
lkclpairs of DRAMs sounds about right, for a... 128?-bit-wide data bus11:27
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lkclghostmansd[m], except TypeError: to catch number of arguments, like it.  needs documenting though with at least a one-line comment22:25
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sadoon-tempHi guys, Sadoon here22:39
sadoon-tempCan't read previous messages, I'm on web IRC22:39
sadoon-tempThe Tyan server is a nightmare lmao22:40
sadoon-tempFirmware is riddled with bugs, so I tried to update it. It's worse now, bootloops 3 times before booting successfully. Rebooting can also never be done gracefully, you always need to force shut down first, and then it's the 3 bootloops first..22:41
sadoon-tempKVM is completely broken too22:41
sadoon-tempSo virtualization is not an option which is ironic on a POWER server22:41
sadoon-tempSome KVM issues seem related to SMP, I'm reverting my firmware to the previous one and disabling SMT to see if it helps with anything..22:43
sadoon-tempIf this doesn't work I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place since I migrated all my server stuff to POWER already and was running it in VMs on my Talos alongside my desktop, never a good idea22:43
sadoon-tempIf all else fails the Tyan could make an offline storage server I guess, oh and it's really fucking loud, with no way to control the fans22:44
sadoon-tempWish me luck :')22:45
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sadoon-tempIt won't even boot with "nosmp" ugh23:05
sadoon-tempOk, disabling the SMT cpu cores manually on a running system means I can finally use KVM..23:14
sadoon-tempI'll test more tomorrow, night everyone23:14
programmerjakehope it goes well!23:14
lkclwooow, a deeply impressive mess :) reminds me of how badly the firmware upgrade went on my just-bought GBP 500 phone...23:58

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