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lkclsadoon[m], do keep messages short when sending from matrix to irc, we received this:00:34
lkclsadoon[m]> <lkcl> "that's grounds for a lawsuit :)" <- I don't claim to fully understand the situation yet but one thing I'm sure of:... (full message at <>)00:35
lkclif i go to that URL it says:00:35
lkcl<lkcl> "that's grounds for a lawsuit :)" <- I don't claim to fully understand the situation yet but one thing I'm sure of:00:35
lkclCorporations are ever so inclined to increase "growth" as opposed to sustaining a certain goalpost of revenue.00:35
lkclIn a perfect world, making exactly $10m a year for example would be great if you spend say 7 of them on employee salaries, infrastructure etc00:35
lkclBut with inflation being the way it is, and increasing greatly in recent years, they practically need to grow to stay in business.00:35
lkclIt'd be naive to believe this whole thing is due to inflation and not greed, and idk what the proper solution to satisfy their bottom lines as well as their customers would have been.00:35
lkclprogrammerjake, ack - i was thinking in terms of "some sort of hint"00:37
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lkclmarkos_, perhaps it might be helpful to read about Snitch and EXTRA-V.00:38
lkclthey are both linked here
lkclthe reason i mention them is because the insertion of FIFOs between Load and Tagged-Registers is a means of completely bypassing all caches00:40
lkclyet keeping ALUs so completely occupied 100% that for Snitch they actually had to do a barrel-processor (time-division multiplexing) to slow things down.00:40
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sadoon[m]<lkcl> "sadoon> <lkcl> "that's grounds..." <- Ah matrix bridge being funky03:13
sadoon[m]Some people are claiming that this whole ordeal is a nothingburger03:15
sadoon[m]They claim that by pointing to the gitlab repo other projects can still access the code as they did before, the only thing off limits is security fixes that are under embargo and given to paying customers.03:15
sadoon[m]It doesn't help clear up anything lol03:15
programmerjakeyeah, matrix will convert more than 3 lines of text in a message to a link on irc, i tried changing that setting but idk if it ever worked03:19
lkclsadoon[m], they're attempting to "Do An Oracle(tm)"03:38
lkclthe only way that they get that right is if they own the copyright on the *FULL* source code of the entire package being distributed as a "fix"03:39
lkclnot just the patch, but the entire replacement package03:40
lkclthat means they'd better not have any paying customers who own the copyright or are a copyright holder on any package that is part of the "security patched" set03:56
sadoon[m]Apparently they could just terminate your contract if you publish the source code that you paid for to third parties who are not paying for the license04:00
sadoon[m]Which I guess is fine legally? You violate contract > we stop doing business with you04:01
sadoon[m]But then RHEL clones could technically pay for the license, automate a way to find out which exact sources in stream match RHEL, and build those04:03
sadoon[m]No violation of contract, things go as they were, and the only change seems to be that RH has the right to terminate contracts if they catch customers publishing the raw source code / binaries04:06
sadoon[m]It's still all muddy so idk04:06
sadoon[m]They desperately need to do a Q&A or a good explanation so things are all clear04:06
lkcloh hell.  if the customers distribute the binaries e.g. to *their* customers - and *their* customers demand the source code and refuse to agree to sign a "secrecy" agreement - then it's *really* a serious problem04:12
lkclbecause the RHEL customer is then placed in an impossible situation04:12
lkcltake for example a company that provides POS (Point-of-Sale) systems using RHEL04:12
lkclthey push out the security updates to their customers (stores across the world)04:13
lkcland one of the stores goes, "hang on a minute, i have the right to request the full source code - *and distribute it* - under the GPL License"04:13
lkclthey then make that request, and the RHEL customer (selling the POS systems) says, "i'm terribly sorry but we can only give you the source code if you agree not to distribute it"04:15
lkclthen they're absolutely f****d, they have to Cease and Desist all distribution and use, because they - the *RHEL* customer - are in violation of the GPL.04:16
sadoon[m]And then there's the comments on this article which suggest none of what we discussed is relevant04:18
sadoon[m]Specifically this one04:20
lkclok so it *was* a restriction (in direct violation of the GPL) and has since been removed after they received a notice to their Legal Counsel05:03
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ghostmansd[m]lkcl, I need your conclusion on 109411:52
ghostmansd[m]Could you please check the latest comment?11:53
lkclghostmansd[m], ack13:02
lkclyes looks great to me. that was a frickin lot of work13:02
ghostmansd[m]Also, if there're some grants which can be approved, this would be great.13:03
ghostmansd[m]We're kinda in the beginning of civil war here, it seems.13:03
lkcldone - i already emailed you (a few days ago)?13:56
lkcl1 sec, i sent you the secret url...13:56
lkclsorry i'm installing a laptop for a new contractor, and we're meeting them very soon13:57
* lkcl rushed. heh13:57
lkclghostmansd[m], gmail - subject "2022-08-051 secret URL for FRPs"13:58
lkclshould have been RFPs (doh)13:58
lkcli still have the "Ongoing" one to do13:58
ghostmansd[m]Ok, thank you!13:59
ghostmansd[m]I'm not sure which ones I can submit, some were ongoing.13:59
ghostmansd[m]Could you please take a look at them later when you have time?13:59
lkclthat one you can put in (it's completed)13:59
ghostmansd[m]Aha, got it13:59
lkcldrat, that's the only one for now14:00
ghostmansd[m]Ah OK :-)14:00
lkcli couldn't put in a ton more than i was expecting either14:01
ghostmansd[m]Do you have any estimations on the ongoing part?14:01
ghostmansd[m]Maybe I'll file these together14:01
ghostmansd[m]If there still will be an internet :-D14:02
ghostmansd[m]Sorry folks, dark humour14:02
lkclit maaay not need review, but i'd be happier if it did14:02
lkclhey you got a starlink, right? :)14:02
lkclbut joking aside: now you know why i insisted on self-hosting14:03
lkcl"oh let's get github let's get github"14:03
lkclehmmmm no14:03
lkclif you get really stuck you can always do "git format-patch" and mail them - somehow14:03
lkclhell, even put them on a USB stick and send by carrier pigeon14:04
ghostmansd[m]Yep, that'd help :-)14:04
ghostmansd[m]Oh I like the latter14:04
lkclthere was a guy who was so fed up with his ISP he sent data by USB-stick on a carrier pigeon.14:05
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sadoon[m]Bad news, my Tyan server seems broken..15:39
sadoon[m]I ordered the exact model of RAM on the vendor's list, still no VGA or serial output15:40
markos_maybe it needs some kind of reflashing?15:45
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sadoon[m]Yeah that's the last thing I'll try, trying IPMI now16:21
sadoon[m]It's been a pain to say the least, not sure if worth all this trouble lol16:22
sadoon[m]It's only getting an ipv6 address.. Ugh16:22
lkclof course it's worth it! :)16:22
* lkcl got a new phone for work16:23
lkcl(for RED Semi)16:23
lkclit's called (ha ha) the RED Magic 7 Pro16:23
sadoon[m]Cool :)16:23
lkclfirst thing i'm doing is rooting it16:23
lkcl*16* GB of RAM (!!)16:23
* sadoon[m] cries inside16:23
sadoon[m]So no luck with IPMI, time to reflash16:24
sadoon[m]Confusingly there are two BMC flash chips, one is golden and the other is main16:25
sadoon[m]Idk what's the difference16:25
sadoon[m]Time to pull out datasheets and get cables running..16:27
sadoon[m]Hmm. A CMOS reset button, might be handy16:35
sadoon[m]Oh fuck yes I got output16:41
sadoon[m]Excuse my french16:41
sadoon[m]If all it needed was a CMOS reset I am going to luagh so hard16:42
sadoon[m]Alright, got serial output, finally.16:44
sadoon[m]The error is no sufficient hardware to boot, it's not reading my DIMM16:44
lkclat least you got some debug info now16:44
lkclhow many DIMMs?16:44
sadoon[m]Exactly, RAM is cheap especially DDR316:45
sadoon[m]Very strange since the exact RAM stick is on their AVL16:53
sadoon[m]I'll try different slots later when I'm free16:54
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lkclurrr.... you maay have manufacturing tolerances to contend with...17:23
lkcldifferent slots is a good idea17:23
sadoon[m]Yeah, I have about an hour to test now, wish me luck :)17:27
sadoon[m]Instead of ordering new RAM from Amazon or eBay I might take my server to a used server part shop I found and test whatever RAM he has before buying it17:27
sadoon[m]After all, even if mine works it's only 16GB17:28
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lkclhaha sensible18:09
ghostmansd[m]Ok, looks like civil war is frozen for a while20:19
ghostmansd[m]Good news20:19
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