Wednesday, 2023-06-28

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lkclghostmansd: the one that catches whether the Hook called has just instance as an argument or has (instance, *arguments)12:24
lkcli liked that trick12:25
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ghostmansd[m]lkcl, OK, I'll drop a comment. I thought that try/catch is more explicit than any comment, though. :-)18:58
ghostmansdlkcl, I thought about it, and I think inspect will be better. TypeError can be raised inside the function, so it's not a reliable method.20:24
ghostmansdDone. Now we used inspect twice. You do remember that a cat only has 9 lives, right?20:29
programmerjakelkcl: iirc the metting today is different than usual, is there anything we need to do other than show up like usual?20:42
lkclghostmansd, code doesn't comment itself. english description of "why" is completely different from programming "how"20:51
lkclmy friend addw taught me that one, having learned that he went "which bloody idiot wrote this code 3 months ago and didn't explain why they wrote it oh that'll be me"20:52
sadoon[m]So I was trying out fedora rpm-ostree based spins, specifically kinoite since I use KDE22:27
sadoon[m]Aside from debian base packages this might be really good for sffs, if the build system is sane enough22:28
sadoon[m]A full system image without the need to update each package manually? Sounds good doesn't it?22:28
sadoon[m]My use case is wanting a system with an immutable design, it's missing chromium for example so I spin up a debian 12 container and install chromium there, then it works flawlessly, never had to use sudo or root once22:29
sadoon[m](Chromium ppc64le is only packaged on Debian, other distros haven't bothered22:30
sadoon[m]End )22:30
sadoon[m]They already have x86_64, aarch64, and ppc64le22:32
sadoon[m]ex: toolbox run --container test chromium --ozone-platform=wayland22:32
sadoon[m]Works almost flawlessly22:32
sadoon[m]Integrate that into a .desktop entry and voila!22:32
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