Thursday, 2023-07-13

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programmerjakegot the build server and my desktop set up again02:52
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sadoon[m]*bad* experience with the noctua 1800rpm fans16:43
sadoon[m]100°C even with 6 cores disabled and after forcing the CPU to 2GHz only16:43
markos_is that the tyan or the talos?17:00
programmerjakeif you're using a server-style heatsink those need high pressure and high flow rate...desktop-style fans generally don't provide that17:01
programmerjakecommonly servers will have ~100W(!) fans (iirc LTT mentioning 12V 7A fans)17:02
programmerjakedesktop fans are usually about <12W17:03
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sadoon[m]Problem solved hence I can reply heheh18:45
sadoon[m]Matrix server running18:45
sadoon[m]I hope you can see the picture18:45
* sadoon[m] uploaded an image: (167KiB) < >18:45
sadoon[m]Gorilla tape + noctua thin 95mm high pressure fan18:45
sadoon[m]Took it from my xeon cooler so that'll have to wait until I get another one18:46
sadoon[m]Temps are up to 82°c on max load18:46
sadoon[m]75 no load18:46
sadoon[m]I take that as a win18:46
sadoon[m]Server is whisper quiet now18:46
sadoon[m]So basically 5 1800rpm noctuas in place of the 15k rpm stock ones, and 95mm gorilla taped static pressure fan on the heatsink18:47
sadoon[m]I installed the shroud again which helped quite a bit too18:52
sadoon[m]Didn't expect this to work like *at all*18:52
programmerjakeyou'll want to be careful because the VRM and other components will have a similar issue with expecting lots of airflow so having small heatsinks that overheat without the high power server fans18:57
sadoon[m]No worries, the airflow from the static pressure fan is also going over the vrms19:13
sadoon[m]And the airflow is quite good19:13
sadoon[m]I might add another fan over the VRMs19:25
sadoon[m]By touch I can guess the heatsinks are at about 60c19:25
sadoon[m]I don't have a flir or anything like that19:26
sadoon[m]Most good VRMs can withstand 140c just fine or so I've heard19:26
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programmerjakeinfrared cameras don't really work correctly on metal anyway, you mostly just see the temperature of whatever the light reflects to19:41
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sadoon[m]Only noticed it because I'm on serial19:42
sadoon[m]Probably another firmware issue I'm about to ignore19:43

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