Friday, 2023-07-14

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lkclshriyasharma[m], wha-hey! you made it!12:16
sadoon[m]Hi :)12:33
lkclhaa, awesome.12:34
lkclsadoon[m], thx for helping shriyasharma[m] with that link on tuesday. perhaps, shriya, you could edit the wiki pages to add it?12:35
sadoon[m]No problem12:36
shriyasharma[m]Yes thanks sadoon12:37
shriyasharma[m]lkcl: Hello Luke.12:38
lkclhii :)  ok so are you happy to do a walk-through of editing the wiki page(s) to put that link in?12:40
shriyasharma[m] Yes12:40
lkclawesome. ok go here then click "edit" at the top.12:41
lkcl(use chrome not konqueror)12:42
lkclthen click "Register" (Login, Register, Reset Password) and make something up :)12:43
shriyasharma[m]whats the link?12:45
lkcl> <lkcl> awesome. ok go here
lkcljust go to that page, then click "edit" at the top12:48
shriyasharma[m]yeah and create the account there? I got it12:48
lkclit shouuuld work.... :)12:51
shriyasharma[m]Yeah it did12:52
lkclthen where it says "it's also accessible via Libera.Chat's Matrix Bridge. " put that link that sadoon[m] gave you into the text12:52
lkclonce you're happy that what you've added reads like it makes some sense, hit "Save Page"12:52
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "(use chrome not konqueror)" <- *snickers*12:59
sadoon[m]Current konqueror is using webengine 5.15.x which is based on chromium 80something12:59
sadoon[m]It's unfortunate how they're dealing with the webengine situation13:00
sadoon[m]Because many good KDE apps use it as a backend like KMail and Kontact which I regularly use13:00
shriyasharma[m]sadoon:  was it this link?
sadoon[m]If you're using KDE definitely use their Matrix app it's quite good :)13:02
lkclsadoon[m], this is konqueror in TDE which is based on KDE 3.513:02
sadoon[m]Trying to remember what it's called13:02
sadoon[m]lkcl: Oh my13:02
lkclthey're still - i hope - using the original KWebPart *that webkit is based on*13:02
shriyasharma[m]sadoon[m]: yes am using it its v convinient13:03
sadoon[m]If you like blur effects you can also do that in the settings13:03
sadoon[m]Webkit is quite good13:03
shriyasharma[m]sadoon[m]: > <> Awesome13:03
shriyasharma[m]> If you like blur effects you can also do that in the settings13:03
shriyasharma[m]will try that 😃13:03
sadoon[m]Uses bwrap as a sandbox backend too13:03
lkclapple basically took KDE's KWebPart source code which i think was like... CSS2? and they ran with it and called it "webkit"13:03
lkclsadoon[m], unfortunately it's run by deeply-pathological non-empathic power-crazed Apple employees.13:04
sadoon[m]Back when neither chromium nor firefox ran well on ppc64le I was using vimb on my talos13:04
lkclgoogle got so sick of it they forked it as "blink"13:04
sadoon[m]Which uses webkitgtk13:04
sadoon[m]lkcl: Yeah13:04
lkcli went through absolute hell with the apple employees back in 2010 when i wrote the webkit-gobject bindings13:05
sadoon[m]webkitgtk actually *still* support ppc and ppc6413:05
lkclit took me about 5 weeks to write and *18* months of having patch after patch dismissed in what can only be described as the most brutal, sadistic and carefully-hidden type of technical bullying i've ever experienced from "nominally" FOSS developers13:06
lkcli now understand what they were doing as being a symptom of the rather sadly common theme in FOSS as them having severely-atrophied mirror neurons13:08
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