Monday, 2023-07-17

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lkclshriyasharma[m], mooornin :)12:38
lkcli just realised (doh) we need to set you up with an "onboarding bug tracker task" on bugs.libre-soc.org12:38
shriyasharma[m]Morning Luke, yes can do.13:58
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markos_sadoon[m], how did you flash the bmc on the tyan?15:40
markos_any link?15:40
sadoon[m]You go to the BMC interface and firmware update15:43
sadoon[m]I highly recommend not doing so though15:43
sadoon[m]It caused more problems than it fixed15:44
sadoon[m]Started bootlooping 3 times before starting normally15:44
markos_hm ok15:49
sadoon[m]You could try and then roll back like I did15:49
sadoon[m]Could be my memory configuration is not supported on the newer firmware15:50
sadoon[m]Because it was throwing memory errors15:50
sadoon[m]Just make sure you have access to the BMC for reflashing15:50
markos_well it's weird15:50
markos_I can access serial, vga output works15:50
markos_but no IP on BMC15:51
sadoon[m]It could be configured to use a static IP beforehand15:51
markos_I will install an OS now using a usb serial15:51
sadoon[m]When you reach petitboot I beleive you can change this15:51
sadoon[m]Under system configuration15:51
markos_good poing15:51
sadoon[m]Change it to either DHCP or a static ip available on your network15:51
markos_no it's DHCP15:51
sadoon[m]Are you using the left-most ethernet NIC?15:52
sadoon[m]That's the one with BMC15:52
sadoon[m]The others don't work afaict15:52
sadoon[m]It's the one next to the USB ports15:52
markos_there are 4 together, and one on its own15:52
sadoon[m]The one on its own :)15:53
sadoon[m]The 4 are 10G15:53
sadoon[m]You might have to reset the BMC password somehow, I think ipmitool is also available in petitboot for that purpose15:53
sadoon[m]the ADMIN account is the one that works in my experience15:54
sadoon[m]Also updating the BMC firmware always resulted in an error with me15:54
sadoon[m]Tyan seems very inexperienced in producing POWER hardware15:55
markos_another question, I can't get the usb stick with debian ppc64le iso to be detected15:55
markos_anything special?15:55
sadoon[m]about what15:55
markos_anything special that's needed to boot from usb stick?15:55
sadoon[m]Ah no, it's good old petitboot15:56
markos_ie don't use the front usb port15:56
sadoon[m]The saving grace of this server :)15:56
sadoon[m]I can't imagine how more difficult it would be to use without petitboot15:56
markos_this is weird, I can see the usb stick in dmesg and /proc/partitions15:57
markos_but not in petitboot "rescan devices"15:57
sadoon[m]It can take a minute or so15:57
sadoon[m]What USB bootable is that specifically15:57
sadoon[m]Please don't say fedora or ubuntu :(15:58
markos_just the debian iso dumped on the usb stick15:58
sadoon[m]Yeah that should work just fine, give it a minute mine takes about a minute to start booting15:58
sadoon[m]after it reaches petitboot15:58
sadoon[m]Also don't use the USB 2.0 slot, the manual says it's not connected15:58
sadoon[m]To be clear15:59
sadoon[m]I didn't install debian on the Tyan directly, I already had an image and dd'd that to the SSD16:00
sadoon[m]So if all else fails that won't16:00
markos_no, I connected it to the front usb slot16:00
sadoon[m]If it fails and you don't have access to a POWER machine lmk16:00
sadoon[m]I'll find a way to give you access to a VM or something and then you can download the .img and dd it16:01
markos_yeah it's funny, I can see a boot entry because the disk was connected to an Arm server :D16:01
sadoon[m]It will 100% work that way16:01
sadoon[m]ah xD16:01
sadoon[m]We've all been there16:01
sadoon[m]Using it as a workstation or server btw?16:02
markos_the plan is to use it as a server, a backup for my talos16:02
sadoon[m]Ah cool16:02
markos_I have tons of x86, tons of arm hw, but only one power system16:02
markos_if something happens to the talos, it's going to be a problem16:03
markos_it might not be a p9, but it will be better than nothing16:03
sadoon[m]I have a weird issue with mine it's always sitting at 20-25% CPU usage and htop even with kernel processes showing can't figure it out16:03
markos_nope, it doesn't see the usb stick16:04
sadoon[m]Yeah then your best bet is to image a bootable debian system16:04
sadoon[m]Just like the talos, it doesn't need a bootloader but it does need a grub configuration at /boot/grub/grub.cfg16:05
sadoon[m]Let me check to see if there's anything else I needed to get it running16:06
sadoon[m]Oh wow I even forgot to properly include my kernel boot options, silly16:07
sadoon[m]My /boot is on ext4, everything else is normal16:07
markos_maybe it doesn't like debian 12?...16:08
markos_I'll might try with debian 1116:09
sadoon[m]Nah mine runs that16:09
markos_no, I mean the installer16:09
sadoon[m]Could be16:09
sadoon[m]But you're better off imaging at this point :)16:09
sadoon[m]Much faster16:09
markos_I'd have to get the disk out, and I'm lazy right now :)16:09
markos_I just closed the lid after replacing the fans with the noctua ones16:10
sadoon[m]Where's the disk16:10
markos_in the tray16:11
sadoon[m]But you don't need to open it to take the tray out16:11
sadoon[m]It's a sliding mechanism16:11
markos_I know but I have to get to the back and it's a bit of a trouble right now :D16:11
sadoon[m]If you're really feeling lazy you can image it in petitboot ;)16:12
sadoon[m]rebooting mine, brb16:13
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sadoon[m]back, hope the security boot parameters didn't break anything16:19
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sadoon[m]SnapRAID "Probability that at least one disk is going to fail in the next year is 9%."16:21
sadoon[m]Better than the 90% on my local server heheh16:21
sadoon[m]I have 3 10K Dell SAS 900GB drives in there I salvaged from the R530 :D16:22
markos_no luck here, 11.7 iso also didn't work17:34
markos_sth else is amiss here17:34
programmerjakeif all else fails you can install debian powerpc in qemu on an x86 machine and copy the disk image or just directly use the ssd in the vm17:43
ghostmansd[m]Not a single day without a tragedy in Open Source17:44
ghostmansd[m]Still not a  every day you can see an email with subject "Get your shit together"17:45
ghostmansd[m]*an every17:45
programmerjakeespecially since musl is the libc used by rust when you want statically linked linux binaries (though they are working on a new port to linux that doesn't use any libc and just makes syscalls directly)17:48
ghostmansd[m]The real fun is that, even though musl cannot get their shit together, they are still way better in terms of code than glibc.17:56
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markos_ah lol, you replied on linkedin and I saw it because of your comment :)20:17
markos_nevermind :)20:17
markos_cool project though20:17
markos_but this is not AI20:17
markos_this pure monte-carlo20:17
markos_this is the definition of a montecarlo simulation20:17
markos_someone actually mentions that exactly in a comment20:18
markos_sadoon[m], I still think I'll take my chances with firmware upgrade, where can I find info on how to do it and the binaries?20:29
markos_bmc was configured for static you were right, I used ipmitool to set it to dhcp and now at least I can access bmc over the web20:57
markos_sad news, like you noctua fans don't work on this system, cpu temperature reaches about 99C21:03
markos_I have to find another solution21:03
sadoon[m]Do my solution! :D21:35
sadoon[m]I taped one of these in front of the CPU heatsink21:36
sadoon[m]Max 82c21:36
sadoon[m]Extremely quiet21:36
markos_hm, I have a spare large 120mm fan somewhere here21:39

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