Tuesday, 2023-07-18

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lkclmarkos_, it's precisely what coriolis2 has already been doing for decades :)09:01
lkclghostmansd[m] - someone bothered to tell it like it is and explain the consequences of lack of thought. awesome :)09:03
lkcl> Why in the hell does musl duplicate/change(!) internal structures from Linux kernel headers09:03
lkclow, ow...09:03
programmerjakei just thought of one sorta good reason to duplicate linux kernel headers -- when you're building on a system with old kernel headers but you want libc to still work on modern linux and to be able to use new features...09:07
programmerjakeadmittedly it would be easier to just download newer kernel headers and put them in a non-conflicting directory09:08
programmerjakelkcl: sorry for the terse response, bugzilla ate my in-progress reply, so i had to rewrite it09:47
programmerjake(i think i clicked refresh by accident or something)09:47
sadoon[m]<markos_> "hm, I have a spare large 120mm..." <- That might be too large10:45
sadoon[m]Try to find a thin <100mm fan10:45
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "> Why in the hell does musl..." <- Ow indeed10:46
sadoon[m]Hope they fix these issues because musl is otherwise looking promising10:46
markos_for now I'm trying to figure out wtf it does not want to boot from the usb stick, I know it can detect it in the petitboot menu, I even try to force it to boot from it10:46
markos_I did install just one of the original fans and cpu temperature dropped to 47C10:47
sadoon[m]That's still too loud :(10:47
sadoon[m]I tried that10:47
markos_ofc it's still too noisy, but I'm hoping that when it boots into the kernel it will drop10:47
sadoon[m]My solution is whisper quiet so I highly recommend it, 82c max isn't bad10:48
markos_82C is too much, I have a couple of intel systems next, one is 40C the other is 70C -because of too many hdds in the latter10:48
markos_and not as good airflow10:48
markos_and the talos is never more than 60C10:48
sadoon[m]These chips can take it10:48
markos_on its own yes10:49
markos_but if it's surrounded on the rack with other hot systems10:49
sadoon[m]I have a bunch of hard drives too keep in mind10:49
sadoon[m]markos_: So is mine :D10:49
markos_I don't want to damage it, it's hard to find a replacement10:49
sadoon[m]Talos, Dell dual xeon, my own dual xeon10:49
markos_right so similar setup10:49
markos_I'll still play a bit with this, I'm only doing stuff with it for a couple of hours as I have to do other stuff as well10:50
sadoon[m]Whatever you do, install s-tui and keep the HDDs running, then stress test it to see if the temps become unreasonable10:50
sadoon[m]If you can find a fan that properly mounts on that heatsink (probably 60mm?) Then you'll get cooler temps than me10:51
sadoon[m]Mine is 92 I believe so I mounted it in a weird non direct way but still cools well10:52
markos_I had to make an extra entry in petitboot to load the installer11:22
markos_it boots the kernel, does not detect the installation media though11:24
markos_no it does, took its time though11:25
sadoon[m]Ah nice11:27
sadoon[m]I remember debian 11 being fine with that11:27
sadoon[m]Or I could have installed debian 11 via dd who knows xD11:27
markos_installing now, finally11:30
lkclprogrammerjake, doh :)11:35
lkcli've had that happen - feel free to edit as it's rare for other people to read the bugzilla mail (i know you do - almost nobody else does as it's far too inconvenient)11:36
lkclsadoon[m], well it _did_ look promising until the developers clearly indicated that they're hopelessly out of their depth, knowledge, skill-set and empathy for end-users.11:38
lkclbut that "shock to the system" message might just give them the massive well-informed kick-up-the-backside.11:38
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lkclit will be interesting to see if they actually listen. https://www.crnhq.org/cr-kit/#empathy11:39
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lkclthis is becoming a massive (endemic) very serious problem in FOSS.11:40
lkclthe number of times i've seen "i don't see why that's a problem, it's fine for me" i have literally lost count11:41
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lkclsadoon[m], at that temperature don't for god's sake ever switch it off.14:28
lkclyou'll need to *keep* it operating at that temperature, permanently.14:28
lkclotherwise the change in temperature will, over time, cause the ceramic casing and the silicon die itself to develop hairline cracks, due to incompatible expansion coefficients.14:29
sadoon[m]Ah thanks for the heads up14:30
sadoon[m]Good thing it's on 24/714:30
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programmerjakeI think I'll leave the bugzilla comment as-is because it's just verbose enough to get the important points across and it references the spec pdf which has the long version18:09
programmerjakemeeting in 10min19:50
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