Sunday, 2023-07-23

markos_lkcl, well, maddsubrs is done, and by done I mean really done, it passes all the thorough tests by programmerjake which did caught a few more failing cases, now maddrs/msubrs are left09:00
markos_they still fail in a few cases and I need to investigate further09:00
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sadoon[m]Absolutely terrible sleep yesterday, will read everything in a bit :')12:47
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sadoon[m]Fully awake, here goes14:12
sadoon[m]I remember you saying, and correct me if I'm wrong, that I should only do a kind of debootstrap-able repo with some subset of packages i.e. a web server and cli tools14:13
sadoon[m]Because like we saw before, many many software will just not want to build with soft-float or without VSX etc14:14
sadoon[m]It's mostly lazy build scripts that assume VSX, crypto, and hf are available on anything ppc64le14:15
sadoon[m]Nevermind the soft float comment, apparently not as awake as I thought I was but you get what I mean :p14:21
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lkclmarkos_, awesome. well, are you happy to do that under this budget? if not we can postpone it to a second grant, remember we need to do the 2D DCT/FFT as part of that19:52
lkclsadoon[m], yes i do :) no, not even "a web server". if you get to base-essential (/bin/bash) which is the infamous circular-build-dependencies in debian then that's absolutely brilliant19:53
lkclyep don't care *in the least* about "the thousands of packages that don't compile without VSX or hardfloat"19:54
lkclthis is proof-of-concept19:54
lkclthe next highest priority is, within that minimum base set (which actually now i think about it is the list of packages that debootstrap sets up) is "build-essential"19:55
lkclbut that's a *big* ask (esp. because it includes gcc, make, m4, autoconf etc.)19:55
lkclbut the most important thing is that it be (a) documented and (b) just-about-reproducible19:56
lkclthe documentation demonstrates to NLnet "we actually did the damn thing"19:56
lkcland the "just-about-reproducible" steps will help the next people (i.e. you) to carry on the next time when we apply for another NLnet grant19:56
markos_lkcl, yes I don't think it's going to take that long20:19
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sadoon[m]Great, in that case wish me luck as I plan to finish this before September22:06
sadoon[m]Gentoo will be overnight as I have already done it before but want to redo it in a cleaner way22:06
sadoon[m]It's already building as a matter of fact :)22:07
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