Thursday, 2023-07-27

markos_programmerjake, lkcl
programmerjakeyeah, i looked in the docs, nothing other than a mention07:15
programmerjakeso i guess everyone outside of loongson has no clue what instructions there are07:16
markos_will take a while before they release these docs07:17
markos_if at all07:17
programmerjaketheir docs github repo is archived07:19
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octaviusBeen looking at the Makefile in soc repo for generating the core (to add SVP64 while retaining the Microwatt compatibility).18:03
octaviusI've added an argument for generating a microwatt-compatible core with SVP64 enabled, see the commit here:18:03
octaviusWhen running make, an AttributeError occurs. 'PowerDecode2' missing an attribute 'use_svp64_ldst_dec'.18:03
octaviusTraceback (most recent call last):18:03
octavius  File "src/soc/simple/", line 211, in <module>18:03
octavius    vl = verilog.convert(dut, ports=dut.external_ports(), name=name)18:03
octavius  File "/home/am/src/nmigen/nmigen/back/", line 43, in convert18:03
octavius    rtlil_text = rtlil.convert(*args, **kwargs)18:03
octavius  File "/home/am/src/nmigen/nmigen/back/", line 1069, in convert18:03
octavius    fragment = ir.Fragment.get(elaboratable, platform).prepare(**kwargs)18:03
octavius  File "/home/am/src/nmigen/nmigen/hdl/", line 37, in get18:03
octavius    new_obj = obj.elaborate(platform)18:03
octavius  File "/home/am/src/soc/src/soc/simple/", line 1651, in elaborate18:03
octavius    exec_pc_o_valid, exec_pc_i_ready)18:03
octavius  File "/home/am/src/soc/src/soc/simple/", line 1377, in issue_fsm18:03
octavius    ldst_dec = pdecode2.use_svp64_ldst_dec18:04
octaviusAttributeError: 'PowerDecode2' object has no attribute 'use_svp64_ldst_dec'18:04
octaviusThis attribute isn't present in openpower/decoder/power_decoder2.py18:04
octaviusGrep'ing for 'use_svp64_ldst_dec' signal:18:04
octavius-The signal occurs within the 'connect_satellite_decoders' method of the NonProductionCore (soc/simple/
octavius-Also in soc/simple/, the signal is described as a flag for when to "use alternative LDST decoder"18:04
octaviusWas the external core with SVP64 generated before? I guess you would need an alternative Load/Store decoder when SVP64 is involved.18:09
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