Friday, 2023-07-28

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lkclsadoon[m], i found a task that you could put the "SFFS testing" under - #983. i put you on the cc list for it.18:25
sadoon[m]I'll read it now18:55
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lkclthere's nothing "per se" actually there: it's one of those tasks that *can* have a sub-task allocated to it which *happens* to involve "you getting paid for that task which happens to qualify for funding which happens to be for the purposes of testing SFFS OSes"19:14
lkclso if you say oo happened to be doing something on qemu which happened to say be useful for testing of OSes which happened to be useful for also testing under cavatools (when we get round to it) then zippedee-doo-dahh you get paid for it19:15
lkclbut i will leave *you* to create the bugreport and to put into that bugreport what you are intending to do, what you are doing, and then what you have done, ok?19:16
lkcluse it as *your* "progress monitoring and reporting"19:16
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sadoon[m]Awesome, thanks for the explanation20:06
* lkcl salutes :)20:10
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sadoon[m]Anyone going to FrOSCon?21:33
sadoon[m]I just stumbled upon it21:33
sadoon[m]Ah nevermind, was considering going but it's next week so the plane tickets are very expensive22:03
sadoon[m]They seem to have interesting topics too22:05
programmerjakewell, i just managed to convince my new landlord to install ethernet everywhere23:17
sadoon[m]That's awesome haha23:37
sadoon[m]Wifi just doesn't cut it these days with so many signals interfering23:38
sadoon[m]I remember when DSL started down here we needed one router for the whole floor. Now we need at least 3 or 423:39
programmerjakei did discuss fiber optic with them, but we decided to do that in 20yr when people actually use it for more than just connecting to their ISP23:39
sadoon[m]When I say router I mean router/switch/access point, as it usually is when you get it from the ISP23:40
programmerjakethey liked ethernet in the walls better than me running a cable across the room over the door23:41
programmerjakecuz I have cable internet and the only coax jack is in the living room but my computers and stuff are in another room, so I have a 50ft ethernet cable run across the room and through a crack between the floor and the trim around the door, allowing me to close the door without smashing the cable23:43
programmerjake...all the "fun" things that happen in a >100yr old house23:44

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