Sunday, 2023-07-30

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lkclfrom pabs on #debian-ppc:
lkclsadoon[m], toshywoshy, markos_ ^12:00
markos_yeah saw that already but using my talos headless for a while12:06
sadoon[m]Unfortunately it's way behind chromium which works perfectly with JIT as well12:27
sadoon[m]One of the reasons I've left firefox behind for a while12:27
sadoon[m]Not having to build my browser at every update is a huge plus12:28
sadoon[m]Classilla used to thanklessly build his own JIT patch for firefox back in 91esr days but it's been broken since12:28
sadoon[m]That's the last time I used firefox :p12:29
lkclsadoon[m], joooy13:29
lkclmarkos_, hey what's wrong with xdrp and rdesktop? :)13:29
toshywoshyyes, FF has been able to build for about 3 months now, but I haven't had the time to replicate it yet13:34
lkclfolks i need all of you to help review the Schedule A here
lkclghostmansd[m], cesar, toshywoshy, programmerjake, markos_, sadoon[m], shriyasharma[m] ^13:40
lkcleach bugreport of has to match the corresponding bugreport for both description, title, and EUR amount.13:41
lkclthis needs to be done expediently because there are some tasks completed and payments are held up until the MoU has been signed13:42
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sadoon[m]Just have some laundry to get sorted and then I'll look into it all16:11
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sadoon[m]Also I changed my email recently to a new domain, is there a way to change that on bugzilla?16:46
sadoon[m]I looked into task 999 and fixed any inconsistencies, now everything matches section A16:53
sadoon[m]<lkcl> "rats, put it on the list https:/..." <- FrOSCON is already on that list, not sure if you added it recently though16:55
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sadoon[m]lkcl  you mentioned on section A bug 999 that the Linux kernel already has emulation of v3.0 even on older ISAs17:01
sadoon[m]It just hit me, if I emulate POWER7, which has no VSX in little endian, I could get closer to the goal of verifying VSX isn't in our code17:01
sadoon[m]In fact I don't even think it has altivec there on LE does it?17:03
sadoon[m]would be huge if it worked17:03
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sadoon[m]And this is my aha moment17:27
sadoon[m]Kernel panic on power7 but not power917:27
sadoon[m]make -j72 a kernel for power7 coming up next17:28
sadoon[m](packages still built for "sffs", just the kernel for power7 and altivec and vsx disabled kernel wide)17:28
programmerjakei think the budget on needs to be bigger, eur 8000 could be justified for fptrans by itself...17:37
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programmerjakeother than that looks fine, though I only checked #1026 and didn't check if all the other bugs match17:42
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sadoon[m]How am I getting an illegal instruction on power9 AND power718:12
programmerjakewhich opcode is the illegal instruction?18:13
sadoon[m]modprobe[50]: illegal instruction (4) at 7fff9036ffd0 nip 7fff9036ffd0 lr 7fff90363bfc code 1 in[7fff90330000+50000]18:14
sadoon[m]illegal instruction (4) at 7fffbe67ffd0 nip 7fffbe67ffd0 lr 7fffbe673bfc code 1 in[7fffbe640000+50000]18:14
programmerjakehmm, weird that you're getting an illegal doesn't say what the opcode is...18:17
sadoon[m]This looks kindof like what would happen if I didn't rebuild some software for sffs while other stuff is built on that..?18:17
programmerjakemaybe it sees that the cpu is POWER7 so doesn't bother to check for supported features?18:19
sadoon[m]But then it should run fine on power918:19
programmerjakeor, did you forget to rebuild
sadoon[m]programmerjake: I tried to rebuild everything, but perhaps there's different "everything"s for gentoo18:19
sadoon[m]Might have skipped some18:19
sadoon[m]Let me check18:19
programmerjakebut not power9 with disabled features...18:19
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programmerjaketry attaching gdb to qemu (outside of the vm, not run gdb inside) and see if you can disassemble where the illegal insn is18:21
programmerjakeand/or see where the source code is18:21
programmerjakei guess it could be from some assembly file that sees #ifdef POWER7 and runs some op you disabled in qemu18:22
sadoon[m]I haven't disabled anything just yet, only VSX in kconfig18:23
sadoon[m]Only the kernel crashes, running a chroot is fine18:23
programmerjakewell, that's disabling something...18:23
sadoon[m]Yeah I guess18:23
sadoon[m]I'll try not disabling anything18:23
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sadoon[m]Trying the gentoo iso18:25
sadoon[m]to be absolutely certain18:25
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lkclsadoon[m], use objdump with disasm and track that address19:28
lkclsadoon[m], you can still log in - the email address is the username.19:29
lkcltoshywoshy, how did you get qemu with sffs-only and where is it documented? sadoon is now trying to replicate it and spending an inordinate amount of time19:30
programmerjakeif it uses ASLR, the address won't correspond to the objdump addresses, hence why I recommended attaching gdb to qemu19:30
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