Thursday, 2023-09-14

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markos_with just one trivial function converted, and with iterations downgraded to just 2 per batch, it took 49min for the simulator to finish the ed25519 tests on the P910:45
markos_we really need a faster simulator or fpga10:45
markos_when I convert the rest of the functions it will take much much longer to complete, I think I may follow a different route, I'll just add simpler unit tests for each function separately and just test those and just do one single complete test for the whole10:48
markos_committed work so far, but no point in testing it, it will just run for hours, I'm now writing smaller unit tests for each function12:58
markos_because the existing test program is also a benchmark so it runs thousands of iterations and compares against the final result12:59
markos_I will make a shorter one just for svp6412:59
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ghostmansd[m]octavius, sorry, totally missed the message:
ghostmansd[m]> ghostmansd, "In hoc signo uincemus" - In this sign *we* shall conquer?20:17
ghostmansd[m]Yes. The original quote is "in hoc signo uinces", which means "you'll conquer under this banner/flag".20:18
ghostmansd[m]In Russian "так победишь", or Church Slavonic "cи́мъ побѣди́ши"20:19
ghostmansd[m]All of the above apply to 2 sg. (secunda persona, singularis)20:20
ghostmansd[m]I've just changed it to 1 pl. (prima pluralis), that is, from "you as a single" to "we"20:21
ghostmansd[m]I'm writing uinces instead of vinces, btw, since I prefer to. v minor has been introduces much later; initially Romans only used V as title case and u as lower case. So, CAIVS IVLIVS CAESAR, or Caius Iulius Caesar, where C even stands for G, instead of Gaius Julius Cesar. I'm sorry, cesar. :-)20:26
ghostmansd[m]Many classical editions also tend to use I/i instead of J/j and V/u instead of U/V/u/v.20:27
ghostmansd[m]Because it's already obvious whether it's a vowel or a consonant, based on a sound position.20:28
ghostmansd[m]I'm sorry for this crap on the channel where we usually tend to have development-related revelations. :-) The message from octavius brought me many years ago.20:31
ghostmansd[m]*into many years ago?20:31
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openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> latin linguistics fun...20:35
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