Tuesday, 2023-09-19

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tplatenI just had a look at 1165. I remember that there was an nMigen tutorial on Youtube, they were building an ancient CPU (either 8080 or 68k, I don't remember).17:26
tplatenWhile the build process is running: I read https://ftp.libre-soc.org/opf_ext_rfc/ls001.pdf17:35
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markos_sigh, just saw that my name is mispelled in that pdf17:51
markos_fixed the mdwn but the pdf is not autogenerated17:58
markos_maybe it's a cron job17:58
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> uggh struggling to stay awake :')18:10
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Might only stay for half an hour for the meeting18:10
markos_sadoon, for meetings that require actual work to be done, I requested to move them much earlier closer to actual business hours, initial suggestion was UK 17:00, so 19:00 our timezone, which should be much better, I also have a problem staying up until midnight and usually I am exhausted the next day18:13
markos_having a relaxed late meeting is fine, but not ones that involve doing work18:13
markos_other suggestions welcome, but the current scheme doesn't really work for me very well18:14
markos_but let's discuss this over the meeting18:15
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Ah I hadn't fully read your email yet, but I second that especially now that I have a real job :P18:15
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Reading now18:16
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ghostmansd[m]Hi folks, do we have a meeting today?18:54
markos_ghostmansd[m], yes18:55
ghostmansd[m]I always confuse, when does it start?19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> In less than an hour19:08
ghostmansd[m]I only have an invitation to biweekly one19:08
ghostmansd[m]Ok, got it!19:08
ghostmansd[m]Thanks Sadoon!19:09
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Np :)19:09
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Do you have the link?19:09
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> it's the exact same link19:13
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openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> We used a different one on occasion for Wednesday though19:24
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> We need a moderator to join before we can19:56
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> who are the moderators apart from Luke who is probably still on a train.19:57
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> I have no idea, this "moderator needed" thing only started a week or two ago so19:58
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> When jitsi changed their rules19:58
markos_also on the waiting room19:59
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> If there is a problem I can host a Zoom19:59
markos_maybe just switch to a different room19:59
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> I'll create a new room temporarily for this week how does that sound?19:59
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> If I can that is19:59
markos_do it, just tell us the suffix20:00
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> yes but we must tell everyone as we need all to be there to cover important things.20:00
markos_oh wait it works20:00
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Aaggh can't start unless you have gmail, github or facebook20:00
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> I have none20:01
markos_Luke just joined and the room is open20:01
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openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> jitsi moderator bug: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/1375323:16
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> https://jitsi.org/blog/authentication-on-meet-jit-si/23:17
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openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> I created: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/1384823:37
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> sadoon you will probably want to follow that.23:38

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