Wednesday, 2023-09-20

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ghostmansd[m]lkcl, octavius, I suggest to keep 980 as is. The current wording is better and safe than if we attempt to create something new under 984.11:06
ghostmansd[m]981 is safe, I started checking cavatools, it's compact enough, so we can do it with the wording used.11:08
ghostmansd[m]The only possible thing that 984 gives a better budget than 981, though...11:09
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openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Only left work minutes ago, will catch up soon. When's the meeting tonight?14:43
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octaviusHaven't confirmed yet Sadoon, I will send out a meeting invite link in a few hours. Meeting time probably 19:00 UTC (during yesterday's meeting I think we settled on this)14:56
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> It'd be perfect if we could push it back another hour14:59
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> That's 22:00 for me and I have to wake up at 6:30 on weekdays :(14:59
octaviusOk, I'll set up the meeting for one hour earlier (18:00UTC).14:59
octaviusHowever I don't expect all to be present at all times14:59
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Awesome thanks :)14:59
octaviusSo we can discuss the bits we need and leave when it's getting late etc.15:00
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> For Tuesdays when we're just chilling I'm more flexible but for the important meetings I'd rather come with a sharp mind yeah?15:00
octaviusOf course15:02
octaviusWe're not going to have technical work discussions on Tuesdays anymore. It should be a time to talk about anything but that15:02
octavius*Tuesday LibreSOC hangout meeting I mean15:03
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Yup yup :)15:12
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ghostmansd[m]octavius, I'll probably join today, some discussion still left for cavatools16:23
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, could you, please, point me to the correct cavatools version? There's one version on, and also a fork on GitHub. Nothing amongst our repositories.16:24
ghostmansdI'm taking it from
ghostmansdLuke, could you, please, create a cavatools.git repository? Or finally give me a create permission? :-) This is not the first time we need to create a repository.16:27
ghostmansdHm. seems also to be quite recent.16:32
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octaviusSadoon, is your email
octaviusI seem to remember you changed it17:57
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> sadoon@albader.co17:59
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> I received on soulserv but no issue :P18:09
octaviusThanks, I'll keep it in mind for consecutive invites18:21
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openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> I do have an old github account so might use that for jitsi just in case18:55
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Still spinning wheel...18:57
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> i can be the moderator if needed in 2min18:58
ghostmansd[m]Chaps, I'll be 5-10 mins late19:00
ghostmansd[m]Sorry for inconvenience19:00
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> no worries, what just happened though19:02
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> it disconnected and I can't join again19:02
octaviusDon't worry ghostmansd, we're flexible19:03
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> are you guys still in the meeting?19:04
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> started the meeting, the power's out at my house so i'm using LTE...19:04
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> still can't join ugggh19:05
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> are you using the right jitsi url?19:05
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> the app actually19:05
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> i'm using the same one as yesterday19:05
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> i was in the meeting just now talking lol19:05
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> yep we were all there19:06
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> hmm, i don't see anyone, are we using different urls?19:06
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> Do you want me to set up a zoom?19:07
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> Waiting for moderator just came up19:07
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> ah, david should probably be moderator19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> he is david xD19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> my connection is spotty19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> yeah, i know19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> dont have facebook or Google :-)19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> programmerjake: it's just funny still :P19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> anyways we can use zoom for now I guess19:08
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> just setting it up19:09
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]>
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> maybe that link shouldn't have been public...19:10
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Ehh it's just for this meeting and we can kick people out if they're suspicious19:10
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> no it is a rtating room never repeats and we will spot intruders :-)19:10
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> yeah no worries19:11
openpowerbot[irc] <snowwolflair[m]> Room is open19:13
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ghostmansdlkcl, to clarify: in 1083, I suggest not to touch only (and only!) binutils part. The task has binutils in title, so I suggested to drop it for now until we have a clear and obvious way to keep openpower-isa and binutils synced.20:29
openpowerbot[irc] <cesar[m]1> Is the meeting over? Will try to join earlier next time.21:03
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Yeah, sorry :(21:09
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> It used to start about now and now is my bed time, but we might schedule separate meetings to accommodate21:09
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Tuesday will be more flexible21:10
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> I would suggest since we're officially making the Tuesday one for hanging out and no-work stuff, we can even start much earlier and end whenever we like21:11
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Basically anyone who's available to chat joins and we chit chat21:11
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> If you're a little late or leave early like me you don't miss anything important then21:12
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Food for thought, gotta wake up in about 7.5 hours so night everyone :)21:14
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openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> lkcl: EXTRA2 stuff ready for you're review:
openpowerbot[irc] <programmerjake> your*23:57

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