Thursday, 2023-12-21

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lkclha, works well13:58
lkclok i've announced it's underway
lkclbit short notice, ah well, but there's always the logs (which is the whole point)14:04
octaviusHi lkcl, apologies for the delay (was finishing up late lunch).14:09
octaviusThis submission is for bugs #983 and #1126 under the "NLnet Cavatools 2021-08-071" grant, work done by Red Semi.14:09
lkclnot a problem, just had mine too14:09
octaviusWe're following the 11-step process outlined in:
lkclok i have a suggestion: we do a jitsi meet as _well_, but use the IRC for discussion, you can screen-share but also we can consider taking screenshots?14:10
lkcl(then obviously blanking out the URL or just not including it)14:10
lkclhow does that sound?14:11
octaviusIsn't text enough?14:11
lkclyes... but think it through: i can't see your screen. you'll be typing14:11
lkclso if you're happy to relay every single thing that you type, as you type it, then that's fine14:12
octaviusDo you need to see me entering all the details? As the MoU signatory you will see the request anyway14:12
lkcli will but remember this is to document it for *other people*14:12
lkclso that it does not have to be explained again and again and again and again14:12
octaviusI already typed out all the steps to make sure I knew what I was doing14:12
octaviusso I'll just paste them here (that was my plan to begin with)14:12
lkclindeed *you* did - but other people in future may not understand the need for such strict diligence14:13
lkcldoes that make sense? the idea here is not so much that it be "just you" - this is for other people in future, yes?14:14
octaviusOk, let me explain what *I* expect to be doing:14:16
octavius1. After looking at the wiki page, go step-by-step, and write out my actions (and what to expect) for steps 1-11 in the IRC.14:16
octavius2. Every time I post a step, you either ack or nack (pointing out any mistakes).14:16
octavius3. Once step confirmed, I go ahead and do it.14:16
octaviusAll of this is recorded (because it is posted in this chat)14:16
lkclok so let's analyse that and go through it14:16
lkclwe already established that the steps have mistakes14:17
lkcli have been through the process many times, recognising the screen at the time i look at it14:17
lkclbut when i wrote those steps it was (a) from memory and (b) when i was under pressure and (c) i am known to have memory problems and (d) we already established that i missed things14:18
lkclthe solution to that is therefore for me to be able to actually see your screen14:18
lkclso that i can compare it "in real time" with how *i* have been doing RFPs (dozens of them, over the past... 2+ years since the new NLnet system has been in operation)14:19
lkclthen i will be able to go "oh! yes, you're supposed to click here, hmmm that's missing on the steps, let's correct the documentation"14:19
lkclis that m14:19
lkclaking reasonable sense?14:20
octaviusYes, I'll join the usual meeting14:20
lkclok great.14:20
lkclso just to confirm: we'll not be using the jitsi chat (because it's not audit-logged)14:20
lkclso we're starting at the secret URL14:24
octavius(step 1.)14:24
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lkclok so step 1 i noteice something missing already, you have to click "New Rquest"14:26
lkclsecond thing i notice is the "Recipient dropdown", if you are not on it, you have to notify the MOU Signatory who will let NLnet know (and add you)14:27
lkclthis may take a while but you cannot do the RFP until you are added, unfortunately14:27
lkclso for each "task" on the NLnet system you fill in the budget from your TOML field.14:29
lkclthe table is a little... awkward, there's no lines dividing each entry so you have to be REALLY careful14:31
lkclparticularly if using a tablet with a very small resolution14:31
lkcl"second: you click the "submit" button " ahhh this should say "New Request".14:32
lkcl(corrected that alreadyu)14:34
lkclok so steps 2&3 actually need to be "combined" i.e. each time you add an amount under a Milestone on the RFP system, make sure *right then* to change the TOML field otherwise it is easy to lose track14:34
lkclesp. if adding several entries in the same RFP14:34
lkclbudget-sync actually has an option (documented in the README) but you have to be extra extra careful14:35
lkclok so #983 is good, it's on the RFP form to be submitted (i have screenshots, TODO upload somewhere later)14:39
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lkclngggh ok we have a situation with the cavatools bugs... mmmm we're going to have to follow the "sub-bug" process14:41
lkclthis should not be done normally. but we can't get the MoU changed at this late hour14:42
lkclok so for bug #983 just copy the markdown section into "results" below14:43
lkclis an easy way to get to it14:43
lkclgreat. got a screenshot14:44
lkclok so for #1126 if you look at the red.mdwn file you can actually find it14:45
lkclits milestone is listed as 98714:45
lkcldrat drat dray14:45
lkclno i don't think we should do "untracked" sub-bugs14:46
lkcllet's move the budget back to #98714:46
lkclok so i've done that (quite a lot of editing...)14:47
lkclokaaay so i just also did 1171 (moved it back to #983) but i am NOT doing 997 because that actually has been added to the MoU.14:49
lkclthank you for spotting that andrey14:49
lkclok so the red=1000 and lkcl=1000 which were on the *sub* bugs (which were not on the MOU) i've now moved those to #987.14:50
lkclnooow you can do the edit of the TOML field adding the "submitted" date :)14:51
lkclok so now the budget-sync program is re-running we can cut/paste the relevant red.mdwn contents14:52
lkclbut this will be a little different because they are sub-tasks (child tasks)14:52
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lkclso the "results" has to mention the child explicitly14:53
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lkcl(as an indented star otherwise NLnet will think it is a *separate* task on review)14:53
lkclok so double-check time14:54
lkclchecked the form, now need to review the bugs...14:54
lkclTOML is good there14:55
lkclTOML is good there.14:55
lkclamounts tally.14:55
lkclok i'm happy to submit..14:55
lkclgood idea to check the bank details :)14:56
lkcllet me double-check as well...14:56
lkclawesome confirmed correct according to my records...14:57
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lkclwe're up to step 6 by now... review / submit14:59
lkclok so my step now is to wait for the email as the MOU Signatory...14:59
lkclso i am now looking at this
lkclscrolling down to the two bugs #983 and #987 making sure they match up15:01
lkclwhich they do (i.e. budget-sync is doing its job)15:02
octaviusWhen you check the page, how does it get updated?15:02
octaviusIs it a part of budget-sync15:03
octaviusAh just noticed the "justupload" rule in the Makefile15:03
lkclyes basically you see the contents of the directory task_db/ on your local system?15:03
lkclyehhh :)15:03
lkclso we're done here... step 7 i did actually *implicitly* check the date15:06
lkclyes i can hear you15:06
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lkcli implicitly checked the date because the "Submitted to NLNet but not yet paid" section of had the same date15:06
octaviusI see on the NLnet RfP system, the RfP request has been updated to "pending"15:07
octaviusno the wait begins :)15:07
lkclyes. so that only happened when i hit "confirm" (after receiving the "review" message)15:07
lkclyyeep we wait :)15:07
lkclit's usually 2-3 weeks, they really should not take longer and aim to always keep up-to-date as best they can15:08
lkclbut if it really does take longer we should ping them15:08
lkclthen once the payment comes in, we carry on the steps15:08
lkclnow, some people have been putting their actual *bank* date of receipt15:09
lkclrather than when NLnet paid it15:09
lkclthis is fine... as long as the date *is* actually the same15:09
lkclat some point we want budget-sync to actually verify "paid" dates as being properly synchronised15:09
lkclwhich gets complicated if they're different... urrr15:09
octaviusOne option is to use "paid" field for NLnet paid, and add  another field, say "received" for when you actually receive the money into your bank account15:10
lkclbut this is all for the future15:11
octaviusBut too much work to retro-fit, only on new grants15:11
lkclyes good idea - one to go on the bugtracker under the new extension #1211 bug i feel15:11
lkclheck yes15:11
lkclrecorded here so when we do the "questions" for that grant we make absolutely sure to put a budget for it15:13
lkclok i think we're good here' thank you for going through this15:13
lkcli have the screenshots, i'll edit out the secret URLs and upload them somewhere15:13
lkclwe can't go any further until we have payments15:14
lkclbut actually... i have some!15:14
lkclso this is for task #983, for work that jacob did: it was paid on 2023-12-19 so andrey can you edit the TOML field?15:15
lkclnormally i would do that, obviously15:15
lkclbut in this case i'm the one doing screenshots :)15:16
lkclok done, these were also OPF ISA WG ones15:18
lkclthank you for doing
lkclok now i have to re-run budget-sync, and check *my* page15:19
lkcl(for those 3 bugs...)15:19
lkclmaaassiiive.... :)15:20
lkclpaid 2023-12-19 excellent15:21
lkclall 3.15:21
lkclok so that confirms steps 9 through 1115:21
lkclanyway we're good here15:23
lkclthanlk you so much for going through this, i appreciate it's a frickin lot of work15:23
lkclalright have a good break ok?15:25
octaviusThanks lkcl15:25
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