Thursday, 2021-02-04

klyscurious about the current state of kazan13:59
lkclprogrammerjake[m, ^14:35
programmerjake[mklys: I'm in the middle of writing the SPIR-V to shader compiler IR translation stage, Kazan is currently on hold due to working on hardware design. Kazan is about 20%-30% of the way to a fully working driver17:53
lxough, some risc-v support being removed from binutils over copyright issues; does anyone know more, or expected it?17:59
klysprogrammerjake[m, is some of that going on here: ;or can you point me in the right direction?18:04
programmerjake[mkazan development is happening here:
programmerjake[mlxo: first I heard of that, didn't see anything after a quick search18:07
lxopost today to the binutils list, by Nelson Chu, Subject: RISC-V copyright assignment problems with the B extension work19:16
programmerjake[myour guess is as good as mine, risc-v extension development happens behind closed doors unfortunately19:18

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