Friday, 2021-02-05

Ultrasaucethis is fallout from the symbiotic crap isnt it14:52
sorearprobably, they're only backing out claire's commits15:09
lkclthe actual work from bitmanip - the research that everyone's done - is fantastic15:43
lkcli've taken the abstraction a step further, here
lkclto add general-purpose Galois Field add/mul/inverse for example15:44
lkclcombined with the in-place 2D Matrix "remap" capability, things like Rijndael MixColumns are covered as a single instruction15:45
lkclRemap is a bit of a pig to set up, though15:45
lkclcan anyone find a *general-purpose* implementation of Galois-Field "invert"?17:08
lkcli found an 8-bit GF(2^8) version online17:08
lkclyowser it's the *whole lot* gone
sorearthat's also a tiny patch17:12
sorearconsidering that it's just binutils17:12
lkclyeah it's a good sign, someone else should be able to replicate it17:22
lkcl(it's a good sign as to how easy it would be to add new instructions to binutils)17:23

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