Saturday, 2021-09-18

kylellkcl, i always get a chuckle when I'm digging around in something such as the hdl memory and thinking...ugh/attribute hell...then find a comment about it in the code.13:15
lkclyay for comments15:25
lkclkylel, i just realised, yes, zero values need to be added16:02
lkclthe return result altered to a dictionary16:03
lkclotherwise you end up with two uneven-length lists that are out-of-sync16:03
* lkcl fixing16:04
lkclthese are only memories of about 64 or 128 bytes (about 16 to 32 64-bit entries)16:06
kylelgood deal18:22
cesarlkcl: Yay for selecting individual tests for on the command line!21:43

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