Tuesday, 2022-12-20

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sadoon[m]Any ULX3S users here?09:16
sadoon[m]I'm in quite a bit of trouble09:17
sadoon[m]I ordered two boards from the crowdsupply site and it seems I've been burned09:22
sadoon[m]No emails whatsoever, I thought it was a problem from my email server side so I created an account using protonmail, still nothing.09:23
sadoon[m]Apparently others have experienced the same. This is unacceptable09:23
sadoon[m]I'll see if my bank can do anything09:23
lkclthey may be caught out by simply not being able to get components09:24
sadoon[m]That's not possible, I can't get any emails from them even from the newsletter or account password reset09:26
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sadoon[m]I tried multiple times now09:27
lkclare you talking about crowdsupply?09:28
lkclare you referring to *crowdsupply's* servers?09:28
lkcl(crowdsupply has been running since before 2016, and has nothing "per se" to do with radiona)09:29
lkclyou haven't been "burned"09:29
lkcli'll email you and kelly, the manager.09:30
lkclplease don't go giving out the email address publicly.09:31
lkclif their ticketing system is overloaded then the last thing they need is 50,000 people all asking the same question "the ticketing system's down the ticketing system's down the ticketing system's down"09:32
sadoon[m]Ah of course I'm not accusing radiona, it's crowdsupply where the issue is09:33
sadoon[m]And thanks a lot!09:33
sadoon[m]You can imagine 300+$ with no emails is worrying me xD09:35
sadoon[m]lkcl: Of course, don't worry09:35
sadoon[m]Exact same issue09:38
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lkcldon't subscribe to the bullshit from people who don't understand what crowdsupply is or how it works11:23
sadoon[m]Hey of course, but it's weird that we had the same exact issue of no emails. The least I need is a password for my account so I can check the invoice and shipment details :)12:26
sadoon[m]I'm not expecting it to arrive tomorrow lol12:26
sadoon[m]At any rate I still have the icestick to practice nmigen on, the ULX3S is for a bigger project + trying out libre-soc and learning how things work so I can hopefully contribute in the future12:26
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lkclbagiyal32, hi there. did you see cesar's message?15:04
lkcl(if not you should check the irc logs)15:05
bagiyal32i did't find out15:06
lkclyou know the last time/day you logged in, so i leave it with you to track down the day and seek out cesar's reply in the IRC logs15:07
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sadoon[m]Matrix is good :p15:23
sadoon[m]Though I miss the days of IRC being the only way to communicate online15:24
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bagiyal100yeah its ture15:37
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sadoon[m]lkcl: sorry for the reply-all, force of habit from work I guess xD16:09
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sadoon[m]Thank you lkcl: you're a lifesaver18:05
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