Tuesday, 2022-12-27

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Ritishwhile I thought I actually finished installing dev-scripts, It seems I only installed a part of it06:36
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GayatriGood Morning Team07:03
GayatriHow can i check my all setup has been done for create SOC build07:04
Gayatriwhat will be the 1st step to do for creating SOC. Can i run dev-env-setup.git file at vim07:07
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Gayatrii completed running dev-env-setup. then what can i do07:33
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lkclGayatri, i advised Ritish a couple of days ago. you can see in the IRC logs08:59
Ritishlkcl, I tried running make test in the soc directory09:00
RitishIt shows a fatal error, "mpfr file not found"09:00
Ritish> mpfr.h09:00
lkcli never run that.09:01
RitishI see09:01
lkcland it means you're missing libmpfr09:01
GayatriThanks luke. i will try to find mpfr.h09:01
lkclwhich in debian means you're missing ...09:02
lkclgrep mpfr.h /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list09:02
Ritisheek, just using ubuntu for now09:02
lkclwhich in turn means that you didn't properly run...09:03
lkcl$ grep libmpfr-dev ../dev-env-setup/*09:03
Gayatrican we run in ubuntu09:03
lkcl../dev-env-setup/binutils-gdb-install:apt-get install -y build-essential libgmp-dev libmpfr-dev libmpc-dev \09:03
lkcl../dev-env-setup/coriolis-install:      libmpfr-dev libgmp-dev libmotif-dev libreadline-dev \09:03
lkcl../dev-env-setup/install-hdl-apt-reqs:    libmpfr-dev \09:03
lkclthere is flat-out absolutely no chance in hell that any of us are going to do "OS" support09:03
lkclif you want to run on a non-standard OS other than the *very specifically chosen* reproducible build OS, you are entirely on your own09:04
lkclthere are very specific reasons for that09:04
lkcl*even one* library different09:04
lkclcan result in a variation09:04
RitishI understand09:04
lkclwhich, when you are about to drop USD 16 million dollars on Mask Charges09:04
lkclone engineer goes,09:05
lkcl"oh i have a different GDS-II file"09:05
lkcland another goes09:05
lkcl"oh mine is different too"09:05
Ritishlol xD09:05
lkcland after *weeks* of investigation, far after the missed deadline where the Foundry will no longer talk to you because you wasted their money (they only make money from selling wafers)09:06
lkclit turns out that all the engineers picked random OSes instead of listening to experience.09:06
lkclfollow the advice!  use the chroot environment scripts exactly!09:07
lkcldo not deviate!09:07
lkclapart from anything, it is not fair to expect other team members to "support" variations in OSes (instead of helping with much more important things like "bugs" or "development")09:08
lkclonce you have several *years* of experience with a different OS, then you will find naturally that you can work out different packages etc.09:08
lkclbut even there09:08
lkclbecause of the "reproducible builds" requirement09:09
lkclit's still not ok to use a non-standard OS09:09
RitishI very much agree to that, you shouldn't waste your time in something as trivial as that :/09:09
RitishI'll do what I can on ubuntu, since we need to submit the thingy before 31st09:10
lkcleven one package missed - or different - and the entire multi-level cascade fails.09:10
lkclwe still find issues that need pinning down with the devscripts, even now.09:10
RitishIf it's working, alright, if it's not, alright ig :)09:10
lkclreason: we had to use backports for qemu09:11
lkclof course, backports by definition *changes the damn packages*09:11
Ritishqemu is?09:11
Gayatriok luke09:11
lkclone particularly irkesome one was libcurl3-gnutls09:12
lkclwhich had to be pinned at exactly version 7.6409:12
lkcldebian security team tried for a while to "sort" out (back-port) various security fixes09:13
lkclwhich went horribly wrong (security fixes that introduced more bugs)09:13
lkclit stopped git-https working for a while09:13
lkclcan you imagine trying to forward-port all this to a dozen OSes?09:14
lkcl"ubuntu don't work, why is that?"09:15
lkclwhich version do you have?09:15
lkcl16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 or 24?09:15
Ritishokay, I got that09:15
lkclwe have had people run the chroot devscripts on archlinux09:16
lkclarch has debootstrap09:16
lkclonce you're in a chroot which has been specifically set up as a reproducible build chroot (i.e. exactly the same as everyone else)09:17
lkclthe *host* OS that you are using tends not to matter09:17
Ritishbut o.o09:17
lkclif you use particularly non-standard OSes (archlinux) you end up with incompatibilities on things like x1109:17
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lkclso can't run GUIs unless you install special libraries in the *host* OS09:18
lkclubuntu is... close enough... to debian, such that you are less likely to run into such issues09:19
lkclbut you are still on your own09:20
Ritishaye aye captain09:20
Ritishlkcl, is it fine if I work on the university of oregon debian, remotely10:07
Ritishor would you think it's not possible to complete it in little time before 31st10:07
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lkclRitish, it's a great idea, they have some monster machines.14:24
lkclbut if you are thinking of doing that purely because "oregon machines use debian native", remember that's not strictly necessary14:26
lkclthe fact that you have ubuntu native means that the chroots have a very high probability of not having any problems.14:27
lkcleven on the oregon debian host, you will *still* have to run the chroot installation script (mk-deb-chroot) in order to create a stable debian/10 "repro" build environment14:28
RitishI'll spend some time on ubuntu, if that doesn't go well, I'll try getting access to the oregon machines14:31
lkcljust run the instructions, exactly as they're written.  no deviation, no experimentation, nothing.14:32
lkclunder this page is an example:14:33
lkclnotice how it says:14:33
lkcl$ sudo bash14:33
lkcl# ./mk-deb-chroot libresoc14:33
lkclthe expectation is that you *will* do *exactly that* - and nothing else14:33
lkclthus, the expectation is that you *will* have created a debian chroot with that command14:36
lkclthe next command enters that chroot (schroot -c libresoc)14:36
lkcland from there the expectation is that you will then run the installation commands *in* that chroot.14:37
lkclremember, i said a few days ago: from experience over the past 2-3 years, everyone who has not properly followed the instructions has failed to get to a working point, usually wasting 2-3 weeks of their time.14:41
lkcland by contrast everyone who has properly followed the instructions - explicitly and to the letter - has got up and running within 24-48 hours14:41
RitishI gotchu14:46
RitishI assume running this is a necessary process as well : https://git.libre-soc.org/?p=dev-env-setup.git;a=blob;f=hdl-dev-repos;hb=HEAD14:47
Ritishbecause I forgot, when I did earlier14:47
RitishI dont exactly remember running the chroot command, but I'll have to go through the logs. Even if I discovered a mistake rn, I wonder what I could do14:48
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lkclstart again. in essence, the packages installed in ubuntu are radically different and it'd be a total waste of time to try to "correct" that.17:25
lkclconsider what you've done to be a write-off / learning-experience: follow the bleedin instructions to the letter!17:25
lkclthis is an extension of what i talked about on the 24th17:26
lkclyou haven't got time to make comparisons against "something that's fully automated" vs "something you did manually" when there's 250+ software package dependencies installed17:27
lkclcomplete utter waste of your time17:27
lkclby running the scripts *as instructed*, with zero thought and zero possibility of error (beyond annoying things like "interrupted internet access", sigh) you end up at an exact position that everyone else knows you will be at17:28
lkcland thus *do not* have to go through days to weeks of investigation... over the internet17:28
lkclthat time spent investigating could have been spent instead doing actual development17:29
Ritishaye! will start again from 0 tomorrow >_<17:36
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openpowerbot[mattermost] <gayatri> can we work at university of Oregon18:25
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lkclgayatri: of course. i replied to Ritish explaining it. https://libre-soc.org/irclog/%23libre-soc.2022-12-27.log.html#t2022-12-27T14:24:2019:44
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