Tuesday, 2023-03-28

lkclprogrammerjake, you don't need me to do it.00:05
programmerjakek, i figured i should ask you cuz you complained about changing budget before00:06
lkclthat was because ghostmansd[m], bless 'im, wasn't running budget-sync and damaged the database in the process, out of inexperience00:07
lkclyou have (a) much more experience and (b) run budget-sync because you know it's absolutely critical to do so.00:08
programmerjakeuuh, i was referring to before then00:09
lkclwhen we had a non-live-running project (MoU not signed yet) i gave ghostmansd[m] the opportunity to write the MoU - including doing the budgets - so as to get that experience00:09
lkcl(and confidence)00:09
lkclwell, as long as you follow that process00:10
lkcl"i'm planning to make change XYZ is it ok"00:10
lkcl"i'm in the process of making change XYZ"00:10
lkcl"i've made change XYZ please review"00:10
lkclthen it's fine00:11
lkclkeep communicating with me in that way - in project-leader-role - and it's fine00:12
lkclwhatever you do don't make *any* assumptions that i "might have seen the email"00:12
lkcl(such as the ones that just went by)00:13
lkclit is your responsibility to *check* with me and get an acknowledgement that i *have* in fact seen (and reviewed) the changes00:13
programmerjakei have generally assumed it's fine to add bugs with zero budget figuring you can move them later if you don't like where i picked00:13
lkclit is00:13
lkclbut when you make changes, they are so absolutely critical that even though you save time (for me) by making the changes00:14
lkclyou cannot and must not make *any* assumptions that i have reviewed them00:14
lkclbecause the consequences are so disastrous for the project00:14
lkclbecause i am the signatory on the MoU00:14
lkclso in delegating the job to you, part of my responsibility is to make damn sure we follow strict "comms" protocols00:15
lkcli've noticed the emails, so this time you don't need to notify me that the changes have been made00:15
lkclplease stay online on IRC whilst i review them.00:16
lkcli am now informing you that i am about to review the changes00:16
lkclok so 1041 has zero budget and is no longer attached to any milestone. nor has a parent allocation.00:17
programmerjakemade one more change so budget-sync stops complaining00:18
lkcland 972 looks like it has had the exact same budget assigned to it, moved to OPF-Milestone 2202-08-071, and... ah yes, just refreshing: budget "jacob=1000"00:18
lkclaside from anything, what i am doing here is making sure that in the IRC channel there is a record of a review00:19
lkclNLnet.2022-08-107.ongoing 96100:19
lkclbug #  972  |    |    budget   1000                  s,p  000:20
lkcland likewise on your page00:20
lkclok i'm happy with that.00:20
lkcli actually go through that process every time, but i don't normally vocalise/IRC-describe it (!)00:21
lkcli did a conf-call with both michiel and joost 2 years ago where they reviewed a couple of Schedule A docs00:22
lkclthey both went completely quiet and read in silence, it was quite unnerving!00:23
lkclthis was for each milestone task!00:23
lkclthe attention they pay is astonishingly high00:23
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markosoh man, convolution matrices are going to be so easy with SVP64...11:12
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markoswhat time is the meeting today?19:35
markosor less confusing, how long from now?19:35
programmerjake23min from now20:37
gnucodesorry to leave the meeting so early and abruptly.  Technically I am not supposed to be on my phone at work.  I think I risked being on the phone for as long as I can.21:55
gnucodeThanks for the tips!21:56
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