Wednesday, 2023-03-29

sadoon[m]Hey, I was typing in text so I couldn't tell you then: debian bookworm works extremely well on my talos and is ultra stable even at this alpha stage, you should probably look into it00:02
sadoon[m]It's a matter of a few months till the official release but most everything is frozen already00:03
sadoon[m]Mirrroring bullseye binary and source for the main suite now, shouldn't take too long (hopes)00:12
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lkcltoshywoshy, the other one which opens up HPC is the combination of EXTRA-V, Snitch, ZOLC and SVP64.08:34
programmerjakelkcl: note openpower-isa.git now uses
programmerjakeso if/when you clean up ftp, please don't remove it08:34
lkclthat'll need removing08:35
lkcl(the dependence)08:35
lkclremember that pia needs to be retired and replaced08:35
programmerjakewhy? you don't need to download or run pia at all08:35
lkclthis has been discussed and does not need repeating08:36
programmerjake(unless you want to reproduce it)08:36
lkcland that forces a dependence on a tool and a compiler that has already been discussed that it was a severe and costly mistake to depend on and use08:36
lkclthus it shall be removed08:36
lkclthe test api is to be used for creating and running programs that produce ExpectedResults08:37
lkclby creating Makefiles and c/assembler binaries that can be directly run on a POWER9 system08:37
programmerjakeit doesn't need any python bindings code which was the main issue, i'd expect pia to compile and run unmodified using debian bullseye packages08:38
lkclyou are ignoring - yet again - a decision that has already been made08:38
programmerjakeliterally just apt install cargo; cargo run08:38
lkcland in a disrespectful way ignoring that decision08:38
lkclrust is out08:39
lkclcargo is out08:39
lkclpia is out08:39
lkclyou have been told this multiple times08:39
programmerjakewell, at least please don't remove it until i fix the ca/ov issues since i'm using it as an easy low-effort reference meanwhile08:39
lkcleasy for you08:40
programmerjakeafter that the new test can be removed/converted08:40
lkclthere is money available to do the Test API to get it to auto-generate Makefiles08:40
lkcl(from the ExpectedResults objects)08:40
programmerjakei'm using it to create expected results and programs to run the simulator on, i don't want to have to do several weeks of work before i can fix the simulator08:42
programmerjakei added the tests since our current ca/ov tests are woefully inadequate, i found like 10 insns we get wrong results on (assuming my test isn't buggy, i manually verified a few test cases)08:45
programmerjakehmm, what do you think of me translating pia (minus the python bindings) to c or c++? i expect it to take 2-3 should generate identical json08:49
programmerjakethat would happen at some later point08:50
programmerjakemaybe more than 3 days...08:51
lkclno i totally get it09:17
lkclit's fine - many other things to do09:18
lkclthe goal with the TestAPI is that ExpectedResults become the canonical source of information/correctness09:18
lkcltoshywoshy, this is where the HPC rubber hits the road
lkcland there's a list of EU collaborators
lkclthe potential reductions in power consumption are 1 getting on for 2 orders of magnitude (!)09:21
lkclby performing near-memory pre-filtering.09:21
lkclrequires 100% Deterministic Schedules Node/Graph/Memory-walking09:21
lkclbut that is pretty much literally the definition of all and any mapreduce algorithm ever invented09:22
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sadoon[m]Currently hosts the sid snapshot of ppc64 and powerpc as of today, signed with debian-ports' keys19:53
sadoon[m]Same idea will be applied for sffs, will have a repo for the19:54
sadoon[m]a- debian bullseye source packages mirror19:54
sadoon[m]b- debian bullseye source packages repo for packages that have been modified in order to work with sffs (might not even need this)19:54
sadoon[m]c- debian bullseye sffs binary repo19:54
sadoon[m]Starting with ppc and ppc64 because it's a personal project of mine and I can afford to make mistakes there and learn as opposed to sffs which I want to be perfect19:55
lkclsadoon[m], fantastic20:19
sadoon[m]I desperately need to update my website lol20:20
sadoon[m]It's stuck in 202120:20
sadoon[m]Seems hugo is all the craze for static sites, might look into it20:23
lkcldude i run static html pages20:23
sadoon[m]Heh, I hate html editing20:24
sadoon[m]python3-markdown was great for converting markdown to html20:24
lkcli learned the trick of using <pre> </pre> around plaintext a looong time ago20:24
sadoon[m]It's what I used for very long20:24
lkcldo consider ikiwiki, copying the bootstrap template that we added20:25
sadoon[m]Will do20:25
lkcli eradicated with prejudice all but the bare minimum of javascript already20:25
sadoon[m]I'm set on keeping mine without any js, it's unnecessary for my use case20:31
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