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lkclprogrammerjake: please go back and re-read the entirety of my responses under the bugtracker for all the inter-related bugs.08:20
lkclpaying particular attention to SVP64 specification writing being the absolute top priority.08:21
lkclyes this will need you to re-read pretty much everything. this is normal: i used to do it day-in day-out re-reading the same bugreports approximately 20-30 times a day08:25
lkclas i cannot do that now, and keep forgetting (it drops out of short-term memory recall), you need to do it, and i can then come in *once*, and do a full read-through08:26
lkclyou need to pay attention to:08:27
lkcl* what i said under the InOrder Core bugreport08:27
lkcl* what i said about TestIssuer08:27
lkcl* what i said about DD-FFirst and Vector-Immediates08:27
lkcl* what i said about LD/ST EXTRA-32208:28
lkcland you'll find that there's *at least* (if not more) EUR 3,000 worth of under-budgeting for those four tasks08:29
lkclmaking attempting to re-assign to FPU completely inappropriate (especially given that it's been very much underestimated: EUR 8,000 allocated when it's about 24,000 worth of work)08:30
lkcltherefore it should be blindingly-obvious that putting the "groundwork" in place in the FP side to put in *another* grant should be the priority.08:31
lkclbut definitely *not* higher than the SVP64 specification (that's absolute ABSOLUTE top priority)08:31
lkcland yes, if there's a change to the SVP64 specification then:08:32
lkcl* 1) it needs documenting08:32
lkcl* 2) it needs implementing in TestIssuer08:32
lkcl* 3) which means it needs implementing in CSV files, updating insndb, and updating consts then08:33
lkcl* 4) it needs unit tests (in insndb as well as test_caller_*) and then08:33
lkcl* 5) it needs a budget for binutils to be adapted08:33
lkclthere is now one HELL of a lot of dependencies even from one "simple" seeming change08:34
lkclall of which requires budget time and planning08:34
lkcland you (i mean all of you) need to be aware of that, know the process, know what is involved, what the chain is, what the costs are.08:35
lkcl* 6) all of the above needs tracking in inter-dependent bugreports08:36
lkclsorry (2) ISACaller08:38
lkclthen finally when (4) is correct:08:38
lkcl* (7) implement in TestIssuer08:39
lkclwhich brings in *another* cascade of dependencies i won't go into08:39
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lkcli've put a TODO list at the top of #961's top-level description
lkclthe FP pipeline's tasks need to be REDUCED *NOT* increased, down to the absolute bare minimum, in order to give budget to much higher priorities12:08
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openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> markos Arnisio Kotsi Me Briam14:16
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Is this a famous recipe in Greece?14:16
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> I'm having one in a Greek restaurant, quite the meal14:17
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ghostmansdDamn, again this MSB0. Assuming we have field with bits [5, 7, 13], where the sign would be? 5 or 13?15:58
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markos_sadoon, hahaha16:35
markos_lamb is indeed very popular, in various recipes16:35
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> It was quite good16:35
markos_lamb is my favourite that's for sure16:35
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> So I'm researching what we can do re: RAM16:53
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> there's many more solutions than we had in mind16:54
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> One example specifically targetting slow clocks16:55
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1>
markos_sadoon, this is fantastic17:43
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> Keep in mind this specific repo is not licensed17:47
openpowerbot[irc] <sadoon[m]1> But just as an example17:47
lkclghostmansd, 3 bits --> numbered MSB0 from the left --> do [31-5, 31-7, 31-13] and that "gets rid of" MSB018:12
lkclof course if you have already extracted them to 3 bits MSB0-numbered [0, 1, 2] then to make them LSB0 you want [2-0, 2-1, 2-2] ==> [2,1,0]18:13
lkclwhich means that the sign bit *in each case* will *still be the first bit*18:14
lkcl[SIGN BIT, ... other bits ...., LOWEST-ARITHMETIC-BIT]18:14
lkclLSB0 / MSB0 does *not* turn the *order* of the bits around... just the numbering of them18:15
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