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3d gpu/architecture/6600scoreboard/discussion
Discussion TODO: add links to images, here Shadow Matrices and Contracts of Sale we are having some difficulty in effectively communicating the "contract" - the API - that is required for an out-of-order processor to become an effective parallel engine that happens to respect sequential instruction order in what is termed a "precise exception" fashion. i began the technical discussion here: i wanted in particular to raise the observation of an analogy when...
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3d gpu/opencl
see thread at ...
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3d gpu/mission statement
Mission Statement see The Mission ...
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3d gpu/funding
EU Horizon Potential Funding Future and Emerging Technologies Here are 3 very vague grants that might work - in order of relevance: link 1 link 2 link 3 NLnet Grants See nlnet proposals YCombinator TODO. best approached once a working prototype is up. ...
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3d gpu/arch comparison
Architectural Comparisons This table compares important factors for a decision in which ISA to use and support Feature/Need RISC-V MIPS OpenPOWER OpenRISC Open NO (1) NO (2) WIP (3) Yes Libre-friendly NO (1) unknown Yes Yes Trademarked...
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3d gpu/roadmap
Roadmap Under development check with the RISC-V LLVM backend maintainer email and if they aren't going to complete the RV64GC codegen support soon, start working on adding support for RV64GC codegen based on lowRISC/riscv-llvm using andestech/riscv-llvm for reference. Add support for RV64GC on Linux to Rust in order to write the user-space graphics driver in Rust, I can start by using andestech/riscv-llvm if not implementing RV64GC for LLVM (started 2018sep24) Implement Simple-V support in Spike Add Linux...
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3d gpu/business objectives
Business Objectives we are creating a full libre architected hybrid CPU/VPU/GPU for manufacturers who need security through full transparency of software and hardware, with greatly reduced RTL licensing costs, unlike other chips in this field which have unauditable architectures and proprietary drivers. the project shall be a hybrid CPU-GPU-VPU the project shall be commercial and mass-volume (100 million units and above) the project shall be entirely transparent so that end-users will be able to trust it...
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3d gpu/isa to virtual regs
Lookup table for Virtual Registers including renaming Links Explanation: ISA reg numbers are in rows Virtual (including renamed) reg numbers are in columns from both the bottom and the right are multi-issue (unary) "Set1, Set2" signals where these cross they are ANDed to set a Latch in a given cell at no time will there be more than one cell set per row OR per column there being only...
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3d gpu/overview
Overview TODO ...
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3d gpu/articles
News resources Crowdsupply updates Reddit articles OpenPOWER Foundation News Articles Oct 2018 Packtpub Oct 2018 RISC-V Sep 2018 Reddit Nov 2018 Sep 2018 Phoronix Sep 2018 Ycombinator Sep 2018 Tuxmachines Sep 2018 LinuxFR Sep 2018 Reddit Dec 2018 EEVblog Dec 2018 Feb 2019 Slashdot Feb 2019 Phoronix Jan 2019 Phoronix May 2019 Slashdot May 2019 Slashdot May 2019 Phoronix May 2019 Ycombinator Jun 2019 Jun 2019 Jun 2019 Sep 2019 Reddit Sep 2019 Slashdot Sep...
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