Under development

  • check with the RISC-V LLVM backend maintainer email and
  • Add support for RV64GC on Linux to Rust in order to write the user-space graphics driver in Rust, I can start by using andestech/riscv-llvm if not implementing RV64GC for LLVM
  • (started 2018sep24) Implement Simple-V support in Spike
  • Add Linux support for Simple-V & Asymmetric Multi Processing
  • Implement Simple-V support in LLVM and wire up Rust's SIMD to support it
  • (started 2018sep24) Begin Vulkan3D Rust driver (Kazan3D), starting on x86 first, to have a stable codebase to work from.
  • Start working on the HW design and figure out the remainder of the plan