"Gaddie Pitch" (1) for LibreSOC

What we do Benefits Feelings
design high-performance No spying backdoors, Much less frustrated
efficient and simpler greatly reduced time when developing products
processors with built-in and cost to market using e.g. China-based
3D and Video capability Simpler debugging products. End-customer
in a fully-transparent Full transparency stops complaining,
fashion. for their customers Risk and worry gone.

You know how...

You know how for computers, you really have no idea how they work? And how you keep having to replace them with upgrades? Turns out that it's very difficult for medium-sized businesses to design lower-cost products because the only cheap processors (almost always from China) do not respect Copyright law, provide almost zero documentation, and even Intel processors are known to have spying backdoor co-processors in them?

Well what we do is...

Well, what we do is: design 3D-capable efficient processors based on full transparency. All source code, right to the bedrock, hardware and software. We don't tell customers "trust us", we say "go have a specialist audit the full source, independently". If there's ever some documentation missing, the customer can check for themselves when designing their product around ours.

In fact...

In fact, one customer that we're talking to is so fed up with a Chinese-based $35 component that they are using in a $3000 product, where they are having to spend considerable resources to reverse-engineer the China component, they're willing to bet on our product even before we've completed it, they believe in the approach and that our design can help them out that much.

"Gaddie Pitch" (1.5) for LibreSOC + EOMA68

What we do

Design modular computing appliances based around "Computer Card" standards where the "Computer Card" may be upgraded, swapped, shared, re-programmed, re-purposed, and re-used.


Almost too numerous to describe. Not just the right to repair: the right to redesign and many more. "Computer Card" has the data and the apps on it, so goodbye file incompatibility: just move the whole computer from a TV slot to a Laptop slot to a Tablet slot to a Desktop slot. Also the cost savings and environmental savings are enormous. Keep the same $300 Laptop "Housing" for 15 years, upgrade its parts over time, and not only buy a new Computer Card for $30 every 2 years, keep the old one as a "spare", give it to the kids, re-program it for watching Videos, the list is endless.


Every person we've spoken to, once they get around the confusion of the idea of a "Computer" being inside a "Card" rather than "part of A Laptop", has loved both the environmental as well as the cost savings.

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