Installation instructions for cocotb

Setting up new debootstrap and chroot into it

Run the following if you wish to isolate the cocotb build from other software (reproducible builds) or use the schroot auto-preparation script here:;a=blob;f=mk-deb-chroot;hb=HEAD

export MY_CHROOT=/opt/chroot/cocotb
mkdir $MY_CHROOT
debootstrap stable $MY_CHROOT
mount -t proc proc $MY_CHROOT/proc
mount -t sysfs sysfs $MY_CHROOT/sys
mount -t devpts devpts $MY_CHROOT/dev/pts/
chroot $MY_CHROOT /bin/bash

The dev-env-setup chroot script is a little more sophisticated than the above

Steps to compile cocotb

Necessary software to install

apt-get install git python3 python3-dev g++ make \
                python3-setuptools python3-pytest

Build cocotb

git clone

cd cocotb
git checkout v1.5.2
python3 install

Please adjust the install paths for cocotb.