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A really quick intro to git

How does working with git looks like

  • You download a directory with project files in it
  • Modify some files, add others
  • Upload your work so other can take advantage of it

In git you do this by:

  • Cloning a repository (aka downloading stuff)
  • Committing your local changes (aka you "take note" of what you did. e.g. modified some files, added new files, deleted some files and so on)
  • Pushing your work online


(optional) cd <somewhere in your disk> (?) ['cd' stands for 'change directory'.
It let you change the working directory to another one.

git clone + repo url

 Making changes

// You know what to do


git add + files you want to "take note" of.

E.g. git add test.png will take note of the “test.png" file for when you will want to commit your work. (Committing your work is like saving in a videogame. When you are good with what you have done, you save the stage of the adventure).

When committing you are required to add a comment to your "save file" (commit).
Like "I added the test.png file".
Ahah, I was kidding. Remember:

the git message is for WHY you did what you did.

not what ACTION was done on what file.


When you are done committing all your stuff, you want to share it with other. So you push to the remote repository (directory).

So you just git push.

Notes 1

Pay attention to:

  • what you modify in the repository
  • what files you add to your commit
  • before pushing, what you are actually going to push

Notes 2

When doing git commit the quickest way to add the comment is by adding -m "<your comment here, without brackets>"

Like this: git commit -m "made a correction to the calculate_sum function".

If you omit the -m option, a text editor will appear to let you insert a commit message. Sometimes it is useful to let git open the editor. e.g. for long comments or comments with quotes in it.

If vim editor opens (you get stuck into something you do not know how to exit from), remember:

  • type i to "insert text".
  • when you are done typing text, press the esc key on the keyboard
  • if you want to save the comment/text, press w (means "write")
  • to quit, press q

To quit without saving/writing type: q! (e.g. you want to exit)