1. Request a bugzilla account
  2. Sign in to
  3. Create a new bug
  4. Copy this to new bug with

  5. Libre-SOC Organisation

  6. Summary "On-boarding Checkist"
  7. Copy of TODO contents below as "description"

* TODO: Join the mailing list
* TODO: Join the IRC Channel
* TODO: read the HDL_workflow document about Mailing List Etiquette
  - TODO:
* TODO: Say hello on the mailing list with:
  - TODO: an introduction about yourself
  - TODO: whether you are happy with the charter
* TODO: Create an "about_us" section (about yourself)
  - TODO:
* TODO: Create a wiki page
* TODO: install debian
* TODO: run "ssh-keygen"
* TODO: send ssh PUBLIC key to adminstrator (or to mailing list)
* TODO: check that git access is ok (see HDL_workflow git access page)
  - TODO: ssh
  - TODO: git clone
* TODO: run HDL_workflow devscripts