HiTAS -- Static Timing Analyser

"HiTas is a static timing analysis tool. Its strength lies in its transparent hierarchical approach combined with the ability to perform analysis at the transistor-level, cell-level or a mixture of the two." - Copied from the website linked above

Installation instructions

NOTE: These are required to setup a new chroot, copy over the devscript repo, and make sure the new chroot has all the necessary packages.

  1. ./mk-deb-chroot tasyagle
  2. ./cp-scripts-to-chroot tasyagle
  3. (tasyagle) ./install-hdl-apt-reqs

  4. (tasyagle) ./tasyagle-install

The binaries are installed to /usr/local/bin

Run "xtas" to launch the GUI for the timing analyzer.


The documentation for HiTAS and Yagle is extensive, and is compiled by the "tasyagle-install" script. You'll find the HTML and PDF documents under these directories:

  • distrib/docxml2/compiled/dochtml
  • distrib/docxml2/compiled/docpdf

The tutorial files are located here:

  • distrib/share/tutorials