POWERPC Notebook Project

Our dream is to release an Open Source Hardware motherboard for a notebook able to run GNU/Linux for the PowerPC architecture, a motherboard designed by a community of enthusiasts of alternative technologies for the benefit of the entire community.

To achieve this goal we conceived a completely new motherboard that has at its core a relatively modern PowerPC 64bit CPU - the NXP T2080 Book3e e6500 - that would fit into the chassis of the Slimbook Eclipse notebook with a 15.6 inch display.

Thanks to hundreds of donors that actively support our Donation Campaign we were able to subcontract and collaborate with the hardware design firm ACube System, an Italian company that has a long tradition in producing desktop PowerPC motherboards.

Being a not-for-profit association, we rely on the hard work of many volunteers that help us on various aspects. Fixing or fine tuning Debian packages for the PowerPC 64 bit architecture, supporting the communication on multiple social medias, helping with translations and revising the electronic design are just some of the activities we are currently carrying out to revive the PowerPC platform.


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