Three slides then shut up

  • Who we are: The founding team’s résumé, its technical, business, and academic background.
  • A nice, sharp dichotomy: The world before us, the world after us. Show a substantial, practical impact, not just a marginal improvement of something that’s already in place. The more impossible or unthinkable the better — it will become retroactively obvious once understood. The mouse is a good example.
  • The Money Pump. Your business plan. I like the Money Pump image, the pipes that allow the cash that’s temporarily residing in customers’ pockets to flow into the company’s coffers — legally, willingly, and repeatedly.

7 slides

  • Who we are. Same as before.
  • How we’ll change the world. Ditto.
  • Our market. This one’s new, and here we hit a double bind… Huge returns are only made by catching a nascent wave at just the right angle (the product/technology) and the perfect surfboard (the founding team).
  • Our Competition. Another new one. Don’t tell us you have no competition. Just tell us which of your adversaries concerns you the most, where they could hurt you, and how you will win.
  • What you own. This can be your IP (patents, trade secrets) or your exclusive access to Unobtainium suppliers… but we don’t place too much stock in any of that. The most important thing that you own is your team of gifted, energetic people, the alchemists who will magically transform easily obtained, common ingredients.
  • The Money Pump. No change from the three-slide deck.
  • The Overview. This is another Fortune Teller chart. Over a series of three-month increments, it de