Title:  An introduction to Libre-SOC and Cray-style Vectors for OpenPOWER

The current HPC / Supercomputer market has few top contenders: China ICT Loongson 3, Intel / AMD x86 and IBM POWER9/10. None of these have the features of one of the most iconic Supercomputer ISA: Cray-style Vectors, known historically for compact program size and massive number-crunching capability.

Libre-SOC is working under the close watchful eye of the OpenPOWER Foundation to develop Draft Extensions to the Power ISA, extending the already-proven Supercomputing-grade Power ISA with Cray-style Vectors.  This talk will give a brief overview of the progress and roadmap.


Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton specialises in Libre Ethical Technology. He has been using, programming and reverse-engineering computing devices continuously for 44 years, has a BEng (Hons), ACGI, in Theory of Computing from Imperial College, and recently put that education to good use in the form of the Libre-SOC Project: an entirely Libre-Licensed 3D Hybrid CPU-VPU-GPU based on OpenPOWER. He writes poetry and has been developing a HEP Physics theory for the past 36 years in his spare time.


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