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Who's going:

  • Luke
  • Staf
  • Tobias


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Sat city centre 13:00

lkcl, lunch

Sat provisional meeting slot 2 15:30

meeting point outside between all 4 buildings H F1 U and AW on ave paul heger. there is a walkway going up and a ramp for cars just at the crossroads.

who can attend, 30 mins

salle delvaux inside

  • lkcl
  • michiel
  • yourname

Sat database room 18:00

dan sheaerer talk

Sun lunch 12:00

at the fritjes stand with Arsenijs from the crowdsupply zerophone project

Sunday NLNet 15:30

Sunday at FOSDEM from 15.30h to 17.00h in H.3242 to meet informally with NLNet.

Sunday evening meeting michiel