KLayout with FreePDK45

  • use the dev-env-setup script to create a clean debian/buster chroot
  • apt-get install build-essential g++
  • apt-get install libqt4-dev qt4-default qt4-qmake
  • obtain klayout git clone https://github.com/KLayout/klayout
  • cd klayout
  • ./build.sh -qt4 -noruby
  • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH={absolutepath}/klayout/bin-release/
  • ./bin-release/klayout &

Next to cgt you can also use klayout to view the gds.First copy the klayout technology file to your home directory.From c4m-pdk- freepdk45/klayout/tech copy C4M.FreePDK45 to ~/.klayout/techThen open klayout, select C4M.FreePDK45 technology and then open chip_r.gds.