Tuesday 6th February 17:00 UTC

Main Agenda

cesar, interested faces and questions on formal talk. thank you for taking care of devroom. instructions all there.

EUR 4500 for everyone who did talks and helped. bug #1070

expenses? need discretionary budget approval from NLnet? bug #1190


jitsi getting annoying. nlnet and FSF have an instance.

rita, helped a bit with devroom smaller things, speeches interesting. very nice experience.

Meeting notes:



working on bigmul preentation. see if sadoon has fosdem slides partly done?

Rita (Aarhuis)

matrix bridge, element app functions well. jacob wrote how to use (thank you jacob).

should avoid taking donations, rules very strict.


done crternlogi etc needed for maxloc. bug #1034 bug #676 currently attempting integration of crternlogi into maxloc.

planning to do RFCs and submissions, bigmul REMAP SHAPE pseudocode


binutils ternlogi bug #1034